“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
George Orwell


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Hypersonic Metallic UFO

shown by Pentagon officials at historic hearing

By Ben Turner — Space.com

UFO sightings are “frequent and continuing,” Pentagon officials said.

Pentagon officials speaking at the first public hearing on UFOs since the 1960s have shown previously classified footage of an unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), a split-second video of a metallic sphere zooming across the flight path of a military jet at hypersonic speeds. 

The object, captured through the cockpit window of an FA-18 fighter jet in 2021, was also seen by the Navy pilot flying the jet and picked up by the plane’s sensors. But what exactly it could be remains a mystery. 



Frank Drake’s Equation & Legacy

in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

By Macy Huston — Astrobites

In remembrance of Frank Drake (May 28, 1930-September 2, 2022), today’s classic paper summary covers his eponymous equation, as it originally appeared in a chapter of the 1965 book “Current Aspects of Exobiology.” Drake’s chapter explores the chances of success in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) from two angles: how common communicative civilizations are in the Galaxy and which search techniques are most likely to succeed.



Frank Drake’s Legacy

are we alone in the universe?

By Maya Posch — HACKADAY

When Frank Drake began his astronomy career in the late 1950s, this was an incredibly exciting time for the field. Humanity was beginning to unlock the secrets of the Universe using ever more powerful radio frequency and optical telescopes, including the tantalizing prospect of space-based telescopes. Amidst the ramping up Space Race between the US and USSR, there was an ever-growing excitement about humankind’s future among the stars.



Slow-Moving Fireball Lights Up the Sky

By Kristin Fisher — CNN

Hundreds of people across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern parts of England spotted an unusual fireball lighting up the night sky.



House Approves Sharing UFO Information

By Zoë Richards– NBC News

A bipartisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act would establish a “secure system” to receive reports about UFOs. The Senate has yet to take up the bill.

The UFO reporting system would provide for “immediate sharing” of information with certain scientists, analysts and government personnel, according to the legislative text.

The amendment would allow exceptions to reporting when “the observed object and associated events and activities likely relate to” restricted programs that have been reported to the congressional defense and intelligence committees.



James Webb Space Telescope

proves it’s value in the search for alien life


To search for alien life, astronomers will search for clues in the atmospheres of distant planets – and  NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope just proved it’s possible to do so.

The ingredients necessary for life are spread throughout the universe. While Earth is the only known place with life in the universe, detecting life beyond our planet is a major goal of modern astronomy and planetary science.



Why Some Scientists Want Serious Research Into UFOs

That doesn’t necessarily mean studying aliens

By Liz Kruesi — Science News

The U.S. defense and intelligence communities are taking unidentified flying objects, officially known as unidentified aerial phenomena, seriously. And some researchers think the scientific community should too.

Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence, shared new details on a database of images and videos that now includes about 400 reports of sightings of unidentified phenomena from 2004 to 2021. While officials were able to attribute some of the sightings to artifacts of certain sensors or other mundane explanations, there were others the officials “can’t explain,” Bray said.

Bray stressed that nothing in the database or studied by a task force set up to investigate the sightings “would suggest it’s anything nonterrestrial in origin.”




the first sign of intelligent life beyond earth

By Avi Loeb

Harvard’s top astronomer lays out his controversial theory that our solar system was recently visited by advanced alien technology from a distant star.

In late 2017, scientists at a Hawaiian observatory glimpsed an object soaring through our inner solar system, moving so quickly that it could only have come from another star. Avi Loeb, Harvard’s top astronomer, showed it was not an asteroid; it was moving too fast along a strange orbit, and left no trail of gas or debris in its wake. There was only one conceivable explanation: the object was a piece of advanced technology created by a distant alien civilization.

In Extraterrestrial, Loeb takes readers inside the thrilling story of the first interstellar visitor to be spotted in our solar system. He outlines his controversial theory and its profound implications: for science, for religion, and for the future of our species and our planet. A mind-bending journey through the furthest reaches of science, space-time, and the human imagination, Extraterrestrial challenges readers to aim for the stars—and to think critically about what’s out there, no matter how strange it seem



The Wonder of Avi Loeb

By Jennie Rothenberg Gritz — Smithsonian

The physicist thinks we might have glimpsed evidence of an alien civilization. Despite controversy, he’s determined to find more.

In October 2017, the University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS1 telescope caught the first-ever glimpse of an object from outside our own solar system whizzing past the Sun. They observed it for a few weeks until it disappeared from view, and named it ‘Oumuamua, a Hawaiian word that means “messenger from afar arriving first.” The sighting was especially dramatic because the object behaved in baffling ways. It accelerated suddenly without leaving any visible trail, and reflected sunlight indicated that it was flat like a pancake. It was unlike anything astronomy had ever seen.



NASA Joins the Hunt for UFOs

The scientific study follows separate efforts by the Pentagon and intelligence agencies.

By Christian Davenport — The Washington Post

NASA is forming a team that would examine “observations of events that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena.”

The space agency would bring a scientific perspective to efforts already underway by the Pentagon and intelligence agencies to make sense of dozens of such sightings. There was also no evidence that they came from extraterrestrial sources.


US Navy Footage Shows Spherical UFO

Flying Around Before Diving Into Sea

By Jack Dunhill — IFL Science

In a video captured by the US Navy, an unidentified flying object is seen dancing across the screen before crashing into the ocean, capturing the imagination of UFO hunters everywhere. There is currently little information about the object except that the Pentagon has confirmed the footage is authentic, and now the video has now been made available online by a UFO documentarian. 

Here is that footage! WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Although the video is short, it appears the object is capable of traveling through both air and water, making it more advanced in transmedium travel than any known vehicles, military or otherwise.


Classified Military UFO Report

Released by The Black Vault

By James Felton — IFL Science

Only one of 144 UFO sightings reported by military personnel over the past 17 years has since been explained. The military confirmed they are interested in and investigating UFOs.

Members of Congress were shown a classified report unavailable to the public. Well, thanks to the dedication of UFO website The Black Vault, the classified report is not so much classified as it is available as a PDF.

The redacted files have a few more tantalizing glimpses at the sort of incidents they are investigating. 



They Are Already Here

UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers

By Sarah Scoles

More than fifty years since Roswell, UFOs have been making headlines once again. But the UFO community—those who had been thinking about, seeing, and analyzing supposed flying saucers (or triangles or chevrons)—has been surprisingly skeptical. The people most invested in UFO reality were filled with incredulity and doubt.

As Scoles did her own digging, she ventured to dark, conspiracy-filled corners of the internet, to a former paranormal research center in Utah, and to the hallways of the Pentagon. Scoles meets the scrappy upstarts, the field investigators, the rational people, and the unhinged kooks of this sprawling community. How do they interact with each other? How do they interact with “anomalous phenomena”? And how do they (as any group must) reflect the world around them? 



Technologically Advanced Species Could Have Been on Earth

Tens of Millions of Years Ago

By Josh Davis — IFLSCIENCE

We like to think that we are an exception: An intelligent life that has developed a vastly complex industrialized civilization unlike anything seen before. But would we actually know if millions of years ago some other life forms had created huge cities, altered the landscape, and formed their own civilization? What would be left of their exploits for us to find?

While we have plenty of evidence of past civilizations in the form of statutes and foundations that date back maybe a few thousand years at most, things get far more opaque when the clock is rolled back by a few million or hundreds of millions of years.



Even NASA Wants to Talk About UFOs

The world’s top space agency has decided to lean into the discussion.

By Marina Koren — The Atlantic

The space agency announced yesterday that it will form a team dedicated to studying unidentified aerial phenomena “that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena.” Starting this fall, the team will examine existing data on these objects and brainstorm new ways to collect future data. All the work, which NASA expects will last nine months, will be done from “a science perspective.”



What the UFO Discussion Really Needs

By Marina Koren — The Atlantic

This week’s hearing was not about disclosing, once and for all, incontrovertible visual evidence of extraterrestrial craft whizzing through Earth’s atmosphere. It was meant to check in on the progress of a task force that the Department of Defense formed in 2020 “to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs”—unidentified aerial phenomena—“that could potentially pose a threat to U.S. national security.”

The alternatives to aliens are certainly more boring, but the alternatives are out there, and they always have been.



If Aliens Are Out There, They’re Way Out There

Real evidence of extraterrestrial life will come from a distant corner of space, not UFOs in our sky.

By Marina Koren — The Atlantic

Leave Aliens Out of the UFO story

The mysterious flying objects showed up in Washington, D.C., on a hot, humid night in the summer of 1952. The air-traffic controllers at the airport saw them first, and then so did the operators at nearby Air Force bases—seven unexplained blips on their radar screens. A commercial pilot in the vicinity reported seeing bright lights in the darkness. The Air Force dispatched fighter jets but found nothing. A week later, it happened again. More blips. More jets. This time, an Air Force pilot even reported chasing a strange light before it got away.

This is real; the videos are real; UFOs, in the most basic sense, are real. The military has spotted objects flying in the sky, and it has not identified what they are. These objects, whatever you want to call them, are worth close examination. But there’s no reason to think they’re alien.



Just Don’t Call Them UFOs

By Marina Koren — The Atlantic

The U.S. military wants pilots to report strange sightings in the sky, but doesn’t want any of the stigma that comes with it.



What UFOs Mean for Why People Don’t Trust Science

The history of ufology shows the complex psychology of fringe beliefs.

By Julie Beck — The Atlantic

“I have thought all the known quantities over in the case of these objects and arrive at a not too unreasonable answer. The answer is that these objects are unknown, definitely and positively.”

So said a U.S. Air Force sergeant in 1953, trying to explain to investigators (and, I suspect, to himself), what he had seen, standing on a roof on an August night, watching three well-lit, color-changing objects fly by. His statement, which can be read on Project Blue Book Archive, a site devoted to supporting “serious UFO research,” gets at a fundamental misunderstanding of the people who believe in UFOs—that they are anti-science.


A Physicist Claims He’s Figured Out Why We Haven’t Met Aliens Yet

And It’s Pretty Worrying

By Alfredo Carpineti — IFL Science

The question “where is everyone?” is the crux of the Fermi Paradox. If life on Earth is not particularly special and unique, where are all the alien civilizations? Many explanations have been proposed to explain why we seem to be alone in the vast universe. None have been 100 percent convincing, and people continue to puzzle over a solution.

Once a civilization reaches the capabilities of spreading across the stars, it will inevitably wipe out all other civilizations. This grim solution doesn’t hypothesize a necessarily evil alien race. Simply, they might not notice us, and their exponential expansion across the galaxy might be more important to them than what would happen to us.



There’s a “Secret Society” in the Pentagon Hiding UFO Secrets

A Skull and Bones-type vibe

By Noor Al-Sibai — Futurism

There’s reportedly a minor civil war brewing amongst government officials over just how much of their UFO intelligence they should turn over to Congress and the public — and at the heart of it, an alleged cabal of powerful secret-keepers.


The Aliens Are All Hanging Out on Dyson Spheres

circling white dwarfs

By Paul Sutter — Space.com

That’s where we should be looking for them.

So far no one has found evidence of intelligent aliens elsewhere in the cosmos. But if they do exist, they might be hanging out on Dyson spheres circling the husks of sunlike stars called white dwarfs scattered throughout the Milky Way, a new paper argues.

And that’s there we should be focusing our search for extraterrestrials, study co-author Ben Zuckerman, an emeritus professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California Los Angeles, told Live Science in an email.



NASA: Swarm of Tiny Swimming Robots

could look for alien life on distant worlds

By SciTechDaily

Someday, a swarm of tiny robots the size of cellphones could whisk through the water beneath the miles-thick icy shell of Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Enceladus, looking for evidence of alien life. Packed inside a narrow ice-melting probe that would tunnel through the frozen crust, the tiny robots would be released underwater, swimming far from their mothercraft to explore a fascinating new world.



18 Million Miles Per Hour

Star with the shortest orbital period around black hole discovered

By SciTech Daily

A newly discovered star only takes four years to travel around the black hole at the center of our Milky Way.

Astronomers have discovered the fastest known star, which travels around a black hole in record time. The star, S4716, orbits Sagittarius A*, the black hole in the center of our galaxy, in four years and reaches a speed of around 8,000 kilometers per second (5,000 miles per second) which is about 30 million kilometers per hour (18 million miles per hour).




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