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Five Great New Mysteries and Thrillers
to Look Forward to This Spring

By Richard Lipez — The Washington Post 



12 Classic Books That Got Horrible Reviews

By Maddie Crum — HUFFPOST



Stacy Abrams Wrote a Thriller in Her Spare Time

By Karen Heller — The Washington Post

Stacy Abrams’s first political thriller, is set in Washington, D.C., a city where, according to her ever-evolving spreadsheet of life goals, she aspires to reside someday as president of the United States. “While Justice Sleeps,” to be published Tuesday, is Abrams’s second book to come out in less than a year.



Best Books of 2020

By emmie

Welcome to a somewhat emotional ride through so many of my most beloved books, enjoy!!



Lawrence Block and P.G.Wodehouse

How two prolific writers found their voices

By Michael Dirda — The Washington Post

Sometimes a reviewer just can’t wait to write about a book. Even though Lawrence Block’s memoir, “A Writer Prepares,” isn’t available till June, I was recently sent an advance proof. Quite innocently, I started reading it — and couldn’t tear myself away. So consider what follows more a preview than a review of the pleasures awaiting in its pages.



Book Reviews by Heller McAlpin

Book Critic

Heller McAlpin is a New York-based critic who reviews books regularly for, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The San Francisco Chronicle and other publications.



Book Reviewers Wanted

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Bookshelf Tour

By jessethereader



Get Reader Reviews Now to Drive Sales Later

By Mike O’Mary 



How to Get Those First Reviews

By Farrow Communications



The Lincoln Highway Joyride

With four kids in an old Studebaker, Amor Towles takes readers on a real joyride

Reviews by Heller McAlpin — NPR

Four boys — three 18-year-olds who met in a juvenile reformatory, plus a brainy 8-year-old — set out from Nebraska in June, 1954, in an old Studebaker in pursuit of a better future. 



Los Angeles Review of Books — LARB



The Naked Sun — Book Review

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The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov reviewed by Megan Darragh.




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Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache Books

These dark detective novels are really about ethics and hope

By Aja Romano — VOX



The Prairies Book Review

first-rate editorial book reviews for indie authors and small publishers

The Prairies Book Review Submit your book at our website to get a review.



The Real Book Spy

Book Reviews

Ryan Steck can be reached via email at



Union Square Review

Not All Book Reviews Are Created Equal


What to Read This Spring

Reviews by Harlan Coben — TODAY

Harlan Coben joins TODAY to recommend books to read this spring and to talk about his new book, “Win.” He discusses “Heaven’s A Lie,” by Wallace Stroby, “The Beauty of Living Twice,” by Sharon Stone, and more.



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Reviewed By Adam James

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately!

Wired In

a paradise crime thriller — book one

By Toby Neal

Paradise has no protection from a hacker with a hidden agenda. What would you do to uncover a deadly conspiracy?

MMA fighting computer hacker Special Agent Sophie Ang catches a child kidnapping case that twists her heart with memories from her past. Meanwhile, her rogue data analysis program identifies a pattern that leads her into a cat-and-mouse game online with a deadly vigilante whose motives are unclear.


My Review:   A Masterful Job

November 17, 2021

This one’s got it all: action, villains and a super plot that moves right along. You’ll be glad you started this one. And here’s the best news: First, there’s a whole bunch more books of Sophie’s adventures. Second, there’s dogs in all of ’em.

Can’t beat that with a stick.

Happy Reading!
Adam James


Winter Falls

jimmy blue series book 1

By Ian W. Sainsbury

They murdered his parents, shot him in the head, and left him to die. They should have made sure.

Twenty years after Tom Lewis watched his parents die, those responsible are being killed. One by one.

Gentle, brain-damaged Tom, a giant of a man who can barely speak, can’t be responsible for their deaths. Can he?

When Tom Lewis was shot, something new was created. Something unique. Something deadly. Something patient enough to plan revenge for twenty long years.

Meet Jimmy Blue.


My Review:   Can’t Put it down!

November 9, 2021

Well written. Moves right along. Great characters — especially Tom and Jimmy Blue. Great action and suspense. The best news is that there are even  more books in this series. 

Can’t beat that with a stick.

Cheers and Happy Reading!
Adam James

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