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Accepting Manuscript Submissions

submit a book-length manuscript to wtaw press

WTAW Press accepts submissions only during its open reading periods. To stay current with our open reading periods and other news, sign up for our newsletter .

The 2021 open reading period is June 15 through September 15, 2021.



Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Austin Macauley Publishers

We accept manuscripts across all genres, with or without an agent, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a new author or have been previously published, Austin Macauley Publishers™ would like to hear from you. The review process can take up to three weeks. We will contact you once a decision has been reached.



Acorn Publishing


Now accepting submissions!



Agents Seeking Authors

Now accepting submissions!

By Robert Lee Brewer — Writer’s Digest

 Here are 20 literary agents actively seeking writers and their writing.



Agent Websites

6 best agent websites for writers 2021

By Writer’s Digest



Agents: When Good Agents Go Bad 

Agent Danielle Smith’s Former Clients Speak Out

By Erica Verrillo — Publishers Weekly



Alliance of Independent Authors

An Organisation for Self-Publishing Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors is a professional business membership organisation for self-publishing authors. A non-profit, we provide trusted advice, supportive guidance, and a range of resources, within a welcoming community of authors and advisors.



At Home Author

coaching, courses, webinars and more

Everything you need to know about getting published from the comfort  of your own home

Choosing between traditional and self-publishing can be difficult without all the facts, and navigating them while learning the industry can be even more overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

We offer self-paced courses, webinar replays, free resources, and individualized coaching sessions for all your publishing needs, no matter where you’re at in the process.



Atmosphere Press

Submission Guidelines

Atmosphere Press is an author-first collaborative publisher open to book-length submissions in all genres year-round. We have no restrictive guidelines, other than to send us something good! 



Before You Self-Publish

what you need to know

By Joshua C. Cook

Writing a book is hard work. There is a lot to learn before you actually publish your book.



Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published

By Sam Blum



Being Indie

A No Holds Barred Self-Publishing Guide for Authors

By Eeva Lancaster

Learn how to create a book that SELLS.

To be a published author is an achievement few can brag about. But not all Indies are created equal.

This book will give you the edge you need.



Best Literary Agents 2020 – 2021

By Mark Malatesta — The Directory of Literary Agents

The best fiction literary agents for all sub-genres including: crime, fantasy, historical fiction, literary fiction, mystery, romance, science fiction (Sci-Fi), thrillers, and women’s fiction. 



Blackdoge Books

Available Author Services:
  • Paperback and ebook publishing
  • Document design and formatting
  • Editing and proofing
  • Typesetting
  • Ebook conversion
  • Distribution assistance


The Business of Self-Publishing

Finding and Engaging Your Audience

By A.J. Wells — Writer’sDigest

Self-publication allows you complete control over the production side of your novel. If your goal is to make money, you must write a book that people will pay to read. 



Calumet Editions

Get Your FREE Publishing Kit


Changes in the Book Publishing Industry

the digital revolution changed publishing for readers and writers

By John B. Thompson — Writer’s Digest

The whirlwind changes of the book publishing industry in recent decades, from the advent of Amazon to the boom of self-publishing. 



The Confusing Literary Agent Landscape

By Nathan Bransford

“There has been a lot of angst in the literary Twittersphere these past few weeks around agents, alleged bad behavior even among reputable agents, “schmagents” (basically bad agents who sometimes don’t even know they’re bad agents), and quite a lot of author frustration.”



Contracts 101:

The Grant of Right Clause

By Jane Friedman — The legalize writers need to understand to protect their long-term earning potential.



Elite Authors

Professional Publishing Services for Independent Authors


The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published

How to write it, sell it, and market it . . . successfully

By Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry 

The best, most comprehensive guide for writers is now revised and updated, with new sections on ebooks, self-publishing, crowd-funding through Kickstarter, blogging, increasing visibility via online marketing, micropublishing, the power of social media and author websites, and more—making The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published more vital than ever for anyone who wants to mine that great idea and turn it into a successfully published book.



Finding a Literary Agent

By Nancy J. Cohen

How do you find a literary agent? Here are some tips to start your journey from writer to published author.



FREE Short Publishing Courses

learn something new every week

By Reedsy Learning

Taught by experienced authors and publishing professionals, these free online writing courses and publishing classes have been prepared with your busy life in mind. Over a few minutes each day, you will join thousands of authors in learning how to write better, publish smarter, and sell more books.



From First Draft to Published Author

Should you go traditional, indie, or hybrid publishing?
FREE Guide!

How do I write a pitch? What kind of royalties should I expect? What the heck are beta readers and why do I need them? Publishing is an ever-changing business. As a result, these and many other questions are at the forefront of the modern-day writer’s brain. You’ve probably asked them yourself!

This guide will take you through the entire process, from refining your manuscript to choosing a publishing track to releasing your book into the world.



Getting Published

The Five Options You Have

The publishing world has changed dramatically in recent years. Self-publishing has disrupted the publishing industry and caused all sectors to reconsider how to publish a book in this new book market.



Go Beyond the Curtain of the Self-Publishing Industry

A 20-Year Industry Expert Shows You Why The System Is Broken

By Adam Ellis is the President and CEO of Steuben Press. 



J.J. Hebert’s Author Program

Become an Amazon Bestselling Author

By J.J. Hebert — Manhattan Book Group



How to Edit and Publish a Book for FREE!

a free youtube video

By Fawn Tiffanie 

This video explains how to edit, format, and publish for free; with help from other sites.



How to Find Publishing Companies You Can Trust

By Derek Haines — Just Publishing Advice

For first-time authors, it can be a daunting process. There is such a wide range of publishing options available. What are the best publishing companies, and what are your choices? Which ones are the most reputable companies?



How to Find a Literary Agent

By Faith Prince

If you wrote a book and would like to be traditionally published, the first step is finding a literary agent. At times, the agent search and submission process may seem daunting. In this video, I demonstrate how to use querytracker, a website that helps aspiring authors find literary agents



Impressing Literary Agents

with your 30-second pitch

By Austin Vosler — Writer’s Digest

Never miss a chance to pitch your book. Learn how to craft the perfect 30-second elevator pitch!



Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Self-Publish eBooks and Paperbacks for FREE!

Get to market fast. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.



Literary Agents Seeking Writers



Literary Agents

Advice To Writers


Lost Boys Press



Donald Maass

Literary Agent

Donald Maass represents dozens of novelists in the SF, fantasy, crime, mystery, romance and thriller categories. 



Make Your Manuscript Stand Out to a Publisher

If you’re not doing these 5 things, your manuscript risks ending up in the dreaded slush pile.


Multiple Submissions

in writing and publishing

By Robert Lee Brewer — Writer’s Digest

Learn what multiple submissions in writing and publishing are from editor Robert Lee Brewer, including when writers should make them (if ever) and why they should care.



New Book Authors Publishing

Publish Your Book Today

New Book Authors Publishing will make your book available for sale as a paperback and eBook. Hardcover is also an option. Our publishing team will format, edit your manuscript for errors, design an attractive book cover, submit your book to the Library of Congress, and make your book available for sale and distribution via retailers like Barnes and Noble,, Books-a-Million, Powell’s, IndieBound, ThriftBooks, and many other fine retailers and vendors. Submit your book today to get the process started.



Parking Lot Press

we share truth from a place of self

Parking Lot Press was established in July 2020 by Bonniejean Alford to meet the needs of an industry that doesn’t always recognize certain new voices. Our catalog will have an eclectic feel with works connected to or centered around identity in some way.



Parts of a Book

a publishing guide for new authors

By Derek Haines — Just Publishing Advice

The main parts of a book have stayed almost the same throughout the years.

Not much has changed from the time of hand-written books, through to printed and now electronic books. All have similarly ordered elements.

Most people who read your book will expect where they can find specific information.

For new authors, you should consider this when you prepare for publishing.



The Passive Voice:

A Lawyer’s Thoughts on Authors, Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing


Publishing Choices

Know the Pros and Cons for Traditional, Hybrid, and Self-Publishing

One of the most important decisions you’ll likely be faced with early in the process is choosing which publishing method is best for you. Each of the three methods has their own advantages and disadvantages. Learn how to choose a publishing method based upon your specific goals and needs. FREE EBOOK!



Publishing FAQs for Writers

By Robert Lee Brewer — Writer’s Digest

In this post, find 25 frequently asked questions that Writer’s Digest editors receive along with answers to those publishing FAQs for writers.



Publishing and Marketing Simplified

You can write, publish, market, sell and track your sales—all from one dashboard.




Publishing News and Resource Websites 2021

101 Best Websites from the May/June 2021 issue of Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest



Publishing Partner Program

It pays to refer authors to BookBaby!


Earn generous commissions by referring new authors to our expert publishing team.



Publishing Questions

great writing and publishing advice from an actual literary agent

Robert Barbara Poell — Writer’sDigest

10 Writing and Publishing Questions Answered



Publishing, Sex Magic, and Ownership for Authors

an interview with sara Gran

By Molly Odintz — CrimeReads

After 10 years working in Hollywood, the Claire DeWitt author is starting her own publishing company.



Publishing Terms

100 common publishing terms defined

By Robert Lee Brewer — Writer’sDigest

Publishing has its own jargon that may not be familiar to people new to the business.



Publishing Trends to Know in 2021

The publishing industry is in transition. See what lies ahead.


Publishing Trends of 2021

signs to consider in 2021

By Josh Weber — Calumet Editions

Here are the major trends that are proving new ground in the publishing industry that independent authors and publishers need to be aware of to have a larger market share and broader social media exposure.



Publishing Process

a step-by-step guide

By Tucker Max — Scribe Media

If you want to understand the book publishing process, you have to learn the difference between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing. Choosing the right method for you can make or break your book’s success—but most first time Authors don’t know the differences between them.



Publish Now!

Our publishing team will format, edit your manuscript for errors, design an attractive book cover, submit your book to the Library of Congress, and make your book available for sale and distribution via retailers like Barnes and Noble,, Books-a-Million, Powell’s, IndieBound, ThriftBooks, and many other fine retailers and vendors. Submit your book today to get the process started.

New Book Authors Publishing



Publish Yourself

You may be better off taking the DIY approach.

By J.J. Hebert — MindStir Media

Many entrepreneurs are using newfound time at home to finally write down their unique ideas and stories to be published in book form. The Internet is rife with contradicting information about self-publishing and traditional book publishing, so which path should an entrepreneur — or writer in general — use for book publication? 

As the owner and founder of MindStir Media, I’m confident in saying that self-publishing is the proper route in many cases. Here are three main reasons why!



Query Letters

Writing successful queries for any genre

By Robert Brewer — Writer’s Digest



Query Letters

How to Write the perfect Query letter

By Mary Kole — Writer’s Digest

A literary agent shares a real-life novel pitch that ultimately led to a book deal—and shows you how to query your own work with success.



Query Letter Tips

From Literary Agents for Writers

By Chuck Sambuchino — Writer’s Digest



Query Tracker

find agents and publishers for free

QueryTracker has helped 3,485 authors find agents for their books. And it’s FREE!



Rough Draft

An outlet for writers who want to get published


Secrets to Landing an Agent

And Getting a Book Deal

By Kathy Ver Eecke — GetaBookDeal101

Pitching a book is no different than pitching a product. You just need to know the secrets of how to position it for sale. 

Join me and learn how to go from dreaming of the bestseller list, to saying “I got a book deal.” 



Self-Publish eBooks and Paperbacks for FREE!

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Get to market fast. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.



Self-Publishing Masterclass — FREE!

Kosta Ouzas has created some of the most successful indie-publishing houses in the world. He has helped hundreds of authors create full-time 5 and 6 figure writing careers and looks forward to sharing his new and improved strategies and tactics with you.

  • ​​How To Launch A Self-Publishing Career And Generate Book Downloads Consistently Using Zero Cost Tactics
  • How To Remove Obstacles By Simplifying Marketing And Generate Traffic To Sell More Books
  • Avoid The #1 Mistake Most Authors Make So You Can Build A Closer Relationship With Readers And Focus Your Energy


Self-Publishing Success

How to self-publish and market your book

By Joanna Penn

I’ve spent over a decade self-publishing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books and in 2011, I left my day job to become a full-time author entrepreneur. I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but through the process of self-publishing over 30 books, I’ve learned the most effective way to publish and market your books. In this book, I’ll share everything with you.



Self-Publishing — Starting From Zero

By David Gaughran

Learn how to self-publish like a pro and build an audience of passionate readers for your books. Enroll for FREE!



Self-Publishing GuideFREE!

a free guide and much more!

By Kayla Hollatz — ConvertKIT

Now is your time to learn how to self publish your book.



FREE! Self-Publishing Guides FREE!

free resources and guides to help with your self-publishing journey

By PublishingPush



Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

Which is right for you?

By Joel Pitney — LaunchMyBook

The choice confronting most authors at this point in the process is to decide between self publishing vs traditional publishing. There’s also a third option called “hybrid publishing” or “vanity publishing” that combines elements of the other two.

So how do you decide which route it best for you?



Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

The Exciting New World of Self-Publishing Your Books!

By Denise George

 In the self-publishing market today, an author can make his book available to the world with little or no upfront cost.



Six Self-Publishing Considerations

By John Peragine — Writers In The Storm



Six Steps to Successful Self-Publishing

everything you need to know about self-publishing

By Patricia Marshall

get your free ebook!

A step-by-step guide to self-publishing that shows you how to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars.



The Story Factory Submissions



Ten Guides on eBook Publishing

By Skipread

Here’s how to kick off the process pf publishing an eBook. This may change your life for good.



Top 10 Publishing Sites

for indie authors

By Erica Verrillo

Indie authors need all the help they can get. Self-publishing is taxing, time-consuming, and there is a steep learning curve. Fortunately, there are lots of people who are willing to help.



Top Ten Publishing Trends — 2021

By Clayton Noblit — Written Word Media

What does 2021 hold in store for the publishing industry? Every year at Written Word Media we consult experts and dive into our own data to predict the next year’s publishing trends. 



Vanity Press Scams and
Publishing Companies to Avoid

By Scott Allen — Self-Publishing School

The awful news for authors out there today is that there are plenty of vanity press scams and self-publishing companies to avoid… Unless you want your money stolen, that is . . .

In this post, you’ll learn how to recognize the self-publishing scams when they cold call you…and the companies you can really trust to get your book published!



We Make Beautiful Books

Professional Publishing Services for Independent Authors

Elite Authors

Elite Authors offers professional publishing services you can trust to turn your story into a beautiful bestseller. You bring the ideas. We’ll do the rest.



Why Self-Publish Your Book?

By Nancy J. Cohen



Writing Quickly and Publishing Slowly

By Robert Lee Brewer —  Writer’s Digest

Debut novelist Kristin Beck shares what it was like to write her historical fiction novel Courage, My Love and why she was so thankful for a slow publishing process.


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