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seeks to promote literacy and encourage and support writers in all genres through the development of our free website, FIRST DRAFT, which lists hundreds of links to informative writing articles, author interviews, editors, agents, publishers, webinar announcements, book releases and FREE videos — all in one convenient location.

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Book Reading 2016

print books remain much more popular than books in digital formats

By Andrew Perrin — PEW Research Center

Americans today have an enormous variety of content available to them at any time of day, and this material is available in a number of formats and through a range of digitally connected devices. Yet even as the number of ways people spend their time has expanded, a Pew Research Center survey finds that the share of Americans who have read a book in the last 12 months (73%) has remained largely unchanged since 2012. And when people reach for a book, it is much more likely to be a traditional print book than a digital product. 



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January, 2022

Adam, I wanted to thank the team behind Blackdoge Books for putting together your collection of resources for writers. My daughter Marisa has been enrolled in an “Introduction to Writing” course being offered at our local community college. It’s geared at kids in 9th-12th grade. Marisa absolutely loves poetry and writing, so I was so excited to be able to sign her up!

The instructor asked the class to do some research on self publishing. She’s compiling a list of resources for writers and will be sharing them with the class. Your writing resources page led us to some great websites to check out, so Marisa and I wanted to make sure we thanked you 🙂

And if it’s not too much trouble, I was hoping you could include a suggestion from Marisa on your page? She found this guide for authors and writers that I just loved. It covers everything from skill development for writers, poetry resources, scholarships for writers, manuscript formatting help, how to write a book proposal and so much more. I thought it was perfect to share! This is it… 


I would appreciate it SO much if you could add a link to it on here…Marisa would be thrilled to see she was able to pay it forward and help other aspiring writers out there! And I know she would love to show her instructor! Her class meets Thursday evening if you get a chance to include it by then! I know life can be hectic though, so if you’re busy, whenever you can add it is great! Thanks again for the help 🙂

Mrs. Kelly Miller

== == ==

July, 2021

Good Morning Blackdoge Books team, I would just like to say a quick word of thanks! As a youth services librarian and educator, I’ve been running a fun writing workshop for 12-15 year olds during these times of remote learning, and thought you all might enjoy hearing that we were able to get some great use out of your writers’ interest resource links list. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you don’t mind, but one of our youngest, Anna has also asked me if I could share an article that she and her mother found together on writing for film and theater, which includes a great breakdown on understanding the importance of setting, writing for different kinds of stage productions, how to write in a way that translates to the screen, etc. I’ve included it below if you’d like to review! We noticed you don’t have this one listed, but Anna was actually the one to bring up that this could be something you might like to include for other young writers who could also be coming across your information and have an interest in becoming a script or screen writer some day, like Anna! If you find you are able to use this one, would you please let me know? We’re meeting Monday virtually, and I would absolutely love to surprise Anna if you’re able to do so – I’m hoping to keep spirits up in light of what’s been happening across the country this past year, and I think it would make her day to know she was able to ‘pay it forward’ (we’re pretty big on this principle in our children’s library group) and maybe even show her mother her contribution if it ends up being included!

Thanks again for all your help here,

We do the research so you don’t have to!


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