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Prince of Spies
The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 1

Prince of Spies (The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 1) by [Alex Gerlis]

By Alex Gerlis

1942: A German spy comes ashore on a desolate stretch of Lincolnshire beach. But he is hunted down by a young detective, Richard Prince. The secret services have need of a man like him…

In occupied Europe, Denmark is a hotbed of problems for British intelligence. Rumours of a war-ending weapon being developed by the Germans are rife.

Sent to Copenhagen, Prince is soon caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Dodging Gestapo agents, SS muscle and the danger of betrayal, his survival – and the war effort – hangs in the balance.



Sea of Spies
The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 2

Sea of Spies (The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 2) by [Alex Gerlis]

By Alex Gerlis

The Allies are desperate to stop neutral Turkey supplying vital materials to the Nazis – materials which could help them win the war. But then a British agent makes a fatal mistake, and disappears in Istanbul.

In England, detective turned spy Richard Prince – back from a clandestine mission in Nazi-occupied Europe – is hunting for his lost son. Before long he is drawn into a dangerous follow-up operation, posing as a journalist in Turkey.

The mission soon goes wrong. Out of touch with London and stranded hundreds of miles behind enemy lines, Prince will have to find evidence of the Turks secret trade with the Nazis, as well as a way out.

Chances of survival? Low. Chance of completing his mission? Prince will do whatever it takes.



Ring of Spies
The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 3

Ring of Spies (The Richard Prince Thrillers Book 3) by [Alex Gerlis]

By Alex Gerlis

Berlin, 1939: A German intelligence officer learns a top agent is quickly moving up the British Army ranks. He bides his time.

Arnhem, 1944: British paratroopers have been slaughtered in one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War. A shell shocked officer is convinced: the Germans knew they were coming.

But who betrayed them?

Back in London, Richard Prince, detective and spy, is approached by MI5 about a counterintelligence operation. Information is leaking and British troops are dying. Prince has to stop it, and crack the suspected spy ring at all costs. But in the world of espionage nothing is as it seems…



Agent in Berlin
The Wolf Pack Spies Book 1

Agent in Berlin: 'A master of spy fiction to rival le Carré' David Young (The Wolf Pack Spies Book 1) by [Alex Gerlis]

By Alex Gerlis

War is coming to Europe.

British spymaster Barnaby Allen begins recruiting a network of agents in Germany. With diplomatic relations quickly unravelling, this pack of spies soon comes into their own: the horse-loving German at home in Berlin’s underground; the young American sports journalist; the mysterious Luftwaffe officer; the Japanese diplomat and the most unlikely one of all… the SS officer’s wife.

Despite constant danger and the ever-present threats of discovery and betrayal, Allen’s network unearths top-secret plans for a new German fighter plane – and a truly devastating intelligence prize… an audacious Japanese plan to attack the United States. But can they prove it?

The race is on.



Running into the Darkness

Running into the Darkness: an Espionage Conspiracy Thriller (The Deepest Darkness series Book 1) by [D. A. Bale]
By D. A. Bale

Samantha never intended to kill the President. As a doctor, she swore an oath to protect life – not take it. But that was before he ordered the murder of her family.

Swept from the frigid New York City winter, Dr. Samantha Bartlett returns to the Midwest to once again confront the sting of death – and face those she left behind. But she’s not alone. A strange man she dubs “Shades” haunts her every step as she seeks answers to the inferno which claimed her grandmother’s life, an eerie reminder of her parents’ deaths. The secrets Samantha uncovers forever shatter the image of those she only thought she knew.



The Adults in the Room
A Tim Hall Mystery

The Adults in the Room: A Tim Hall Mystery by [Jeffrey Mechling, Kathleen Ryder, Marie Groves]
By Jeffrey Mechling

A former CIA operative, Tim Hall believed his life had moved on for the better after a forced resignation. His memories lost after a tragic accident, he could only recall bits and pieces of his previous spy-work days, with flashbacks returning in the form of dreams and nightmares.

After falling in love with a voluptuous local bartender in Baltimore, Tim was finally looking forward to spending the rest of his days in peace and harmony. A shadow of his former self, this was an opportunity to redeem himself from the life of sabotage and global intelligence.



Red Widow

Red Widow by [Alma Katsu]

By Alma Katsu

An exhilarating spy thriller written by an intelligence veteran about two women CIA agents whose paths become intertwined around a threat to the Russia Division–one that’s coming from inside the agency.

Lyndsey Duncan worries her career with the CIA might be over. After lines are crossed with another intelligence agent during an assignment, she is sent home to Washington on administrative leave. So when a former colleague–now Chief of the Russia Division–recruits her for an internal investigation, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. Lyndsey was once a top handler in the Moscow Field Station, where she was known as the “human lie detector” and praised for recruiting some of the most senior Russian officials. But now, three Russian assets have been exposed–including one of her own–and the CIA is convinced there’s a mole in the department. With years of work in question and lives on the line, Lyndsey is thrown back into life at the agency, this time tracing the steps of those closest to her.



Red London
Red Widow Book 2

Red London (Red Widow Book 2) by [Alma Katsu]

By Alma Katsu

CIA agent Lyndsey Duncan has a new asset to turn, in order to prevent the most calculated global invasion of our time. But will their blossoming friendship get in the way?

After an explosive takedown of a well-placed mole within the CIA, agent Lyndsey Duncan has been tasked with keeping tabs on her newest Russian asset, deadly war criminal Dmitri Tarasenko. She arrives in London fully focused on the assignment at hand, until her MI6 counterpart, Davis Ranford, the very person responsible for ending her last mission overseas after they were caught in a whirlwind affair, personally calls for her.



The Asset Spy
Spy thriller book 1

The Asset (Spy Thriller Book 1) by [Saul Herzog]

By Saul Herzog

Montana, USA
When Lance Spector quit the CIA, he swore he was out for good. One more government lie and he would go off the deep end. They could find someone else to do their dirty work. As far as he was concerned, Washington, Langley, the Pentagon could all go to hell.

Yekaterinburg, Russia
A secret Russian expedition returns with a devastating new pathogen, harvested from the frozen corpses of mammoths. It’s the biological super weapon they’ve been looking for, an apocalypse-level pathogen, a virus more deadly than anything ever to come out of a Russian lab. Something that will stop NATO and the Americans in their tracks.
A Biological Chernobyl.

Washington DC, USA
A mysterious vial, sealed in a titanium case, arrives at CIA headquarters. They have no idea who sent it, but it comes with a note.  “I will only speak to Lance Spector.”



The Soviet Sisters
a novel of the cold war

The Soviet Sisters: A Novel of the Cold War by [Anika Scott]

By Anika Scott

A gripping new historical novel filled with secrets, lies, and betrayals, following two spy sisters during the Cold War

Sisters Vera and Marya were brought up as good Soviets: obedient despite hardships of poverty and tragedy, committed to communist ideals, and loyal to Stalin. Several years after fighting on the Eastern front, both women find themselves deep in the mire of conflicts shaping a new world order in 1947 Berlin. When Marya, an interpreter, gets entangled in Vera’s cryptic web of deceit and betrayal, she must make desperate choices to survive—and protect those she loves.



The Crimson Thread

The Crimson Thread by [Kate Forsyth]

By Kate Forsyth

In Crete during World War II, Alenka, a young woman who fights with the resistance against the brutal Nazi occupation, finds herself caught between her traitor of a brother and the man she loves, an undercover agent working for the Allies.

May 1941. German paratroopers launch a blitzkrieg from the air against Crete. They are met with fierce defiance, the Greeks fighting back with daggers, pitchforks, and kitchen knives. During the bloody eleven-day battle, Alenka, a young Greek woman, saves the lives of two Australian soldiers.



The Librarian Spy

The Librarian Spy: A Novel of World War II by [Madeline Martin]

By Madeline Martin

Ava thought her job as a librarian at the Library of Congress would mean a quiet, routine existence. But an unexpected offer from the US military has brought her to Lisbon with a new mission: posing as a librarian while working undercover as a spy gathering intelligence.

Meanwhile, in occupied France, Elaine has begun an apprenticeship at a printing press run by members of the Resistance. It’s a job usually reserved for men, but in the war, those rules have been forgotten. Yet she knows that the Nazis are searching for the press and its printer in order to silence them.

As the battle in Europe rages, Ava and Elaine find themselves connecting through coded messages and discovering hope in the face of war.



Yesterday’s Spy

Yesterday's Spy: A Novel by [Tom Bradby]

By Tom Bradby

London, 1953. Harry Towers is a recently retired, and even more recently widowed, British intelligence officer. But he springs to action when hears that his estranged son Sean has disappeared in Tehran after writing a damning article about the involvement of government officials in the opium trade.

In Tehran, a city on the brink of a historic coup, Harry’s career as a spy soon proves perfect training for this much more personal mission as American, British, Iranian, and French players flit in and out of the scene. But as the first attempt at a coup in the city fails and foreign powers jockey for oil, money, and influence, Sean’s disappearance takes on a more sinister tone. Was he really taken in retribution for his reporting, or is this an attempt to silence a globally significant revelation he was preparing to make?

Or, most terrifying of all, does Sean’s disappearance have nothing to do with him at all? Has Harry’s past caught up to them all?



The Barista’s Guide to Espionage
an eva destruction novel

The Barista's Guide To Espionage: An Eva Destruction Novel by [Dave Sinclair]

By Dave Sinclair

There’s a new girl in town and she’s come to kick some ass.

Meet Eva Destruction, the only thing quicker than her mouth is her talent for getting into trouble. It’s true she’s always had an eye for a bad boy but when she falls for billionaire super-villain Harry Lancing, it seems that even Eva may have bitten off more than she can chew. Eva hurtles headlong into terrorist attacks, assassinations, car chases and the occasional close encounter with a dashing spy who seems determined to charm Eva into bed as he is to thwart Lancing’s plans to bring down every government on Earth.



The Swamp
Deceit and Corruption in the CIA

The Swamp : Deceit and Corruption in the CIA (An Elizabeth Petrov Thriller Book 1) by [Jeff Grant]

By Jeff Grant

An Elizabeth Petrov Thriller—Book 1

The Russians have developed a weapons system so powerful and deadly it could alter the balance of power in the world—and in space. What happens when an admittedly nerdy CalTech physics grad, a former model rocket enthusiast turned Ph.D., working at NASA’s renowned Jet Propulsion Laboratory in sunny Pasadena, is recruited by a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) desperate to close the gap?

Dr. Elizabeth Petrov was brought to the US as a toddler from Russia by her grandfather and speaks the language like a native. Her unique combination of birthright, education, and experience studying the field of hypersonic flight, where spacecraft can reach speeds over five times the speed of sound, brings her country calling. From all indications, the Russian system will soon be operational, a fact too chilling to even entertain.



Jeff Grant

By Peter Eisner — SpyTalk

An ex-CIA man’s debut thriller dives deep into politics amid foreign threats.

  • How far would a U.S. government official go to protect secrets and maintain power in the belief that he or she was acting for the greater good?
  • Would they risk their lives? Would they threaten the lives of others?
  • In a divided country, seething with disinformation, who can we trust as the guarantors of American democracy?

These are the questions raised by former CIA officer Jeff Grant in his thought-provoking debut spy thriller, The Swamp.



The Prince Is Missing
The Kori Briggs Series of Thriller Spy Novels

The Prince is Missing!: A Kori Briggs Adventure (The Kori Briggs Series of Thriller Spy Novels) by [A.P. Rawls]

By A.P. Rawls

She’s fun. She’s smart. She’s gorgeous…

…Oh, and she’s a real badass when she needs to be. She’s Kori Briggs, super spy, and if you haven’t spent any time with her yet, what the heck are you waiting for

In this fourth book of the popular A.P. Rawls series of Kori Briggs suspense spy thrillers, Kori has been tasked with the assignment of finding England’s missing Prince Grayson! All signs point to a kidnapping at the hands of an American ex-con, but Kori knows there’s much more to the story. Follow her and her trusty Russian sidekick Anya Kovalev as they scour the grand city of London for clues to the prince’s disappearance.



Adaptation Of The Bannerman Spy Novels

By Shania Russell — Slash Film

AMC has acquired the rights to the spy series and Shane Black has signed on as executive producer to turn the critically-acclaimed novels into a TV series.



A Spy Among Friends Review
An elegant Cold War thriller

By Manuel Betancourt — AV Club

The title for A Spy Among Friendslast year’s British thriller that makes its MGM+ premiere on March 12, intentionally flirts with the glaring tension its narrative rests on. The spy genre, after all, depends on a timeless mantra—“trust no one”—that seems to stand in clear contradistinction to what one expects from one’s friendships. 



A Spy Among Friends
Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal

A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal by [Ben Macintyre, John le Carré]

By Ben Macintyre

Who was Kim Philby?

Those closest to him—like his fellow MI6 officer and best friend since childhood, Nicholas Elliot, and the CIA’s head of counterintelligence, James Jesus Angleton—knew him as a loyal confidant and an unshakeable patriot. Philby was a brilliant and charming man who rose to head Britain’s counterintelligence against the Soviet Union. Together with Elliott and Angleton he stood on the front lines of the Cold War, holding Communism at bay. But he was secretly betraying them both: He was working for the Russians the entire time.



Agent Sonya
the spy next door

Agent Sonya: Moscow's Most Daring Wartime Spy by [Ben Macintyre]

By Ben Macintyre

In 1942, in a quiet village in the leafy English Cotswolds, a thin, elegant woman lived in a small cottage with her three children and her husband, who worked as a machinist nearby. Ursula Burton was friendly but reserved, and spoke English with a slight foreign accent. By all accounts, she seemed to be living a simple, unassuming life. Her neighbors in the village knew little about her.

They didn’t know that she was a high-ranking Soviet intelligence officer. They didn’t know that her husband was also a spy, or that she was running powerful agents across Europe. Behind the facade of her picturesque life, Burton was a dedicated Communist, a Soviet colonel, and a veteran agent, gathering the scientific secrets that would enable the Soviet Union to build the bomb.

Moscow’s most daring wartime spy!


Third Eye Spies

Third Eye Spies

For more than 20 years the CIA studied psychic abilities for use in their top-secret spy program. With previously classified details about ESP now finally coming to light, there can be no more secrets.



Look! It’s FREEE!
Target One
The Spy Game—Book #1

Target One (The Spy Game—Book #1) by [Jack Mars]

By Jack Mars

Jacob Snow—elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, haunted by his tortured past—is one of the CIA’s greatest assets, and is dispatched when the stakes are highest. When an ancient Egyptian relic goes missing under mysterious circumstances, Jacob knows this is no run-of-the-mill robbery: the relic holds a secret—one that could destroy everything.

Jacob seeks out a mysterious and beautiful archeologist, whose brilliance is needed on the case. Together, they must partner to decode the archeological riddles and stop the terrorists before it is too late.



Look! It’s Only 99 Cents!
Target Two
The Spy Game—Book #2

Target Two (The Spy Game—Book #2) by [Jack Mars]

By Jack Mars

Jacob Snow—elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, haunted by his tortured past—is one of the CIA’s greatest assets. When a terrorist group sets its eyes on the greatest archeological treasure of the holiest city, Jacob, dispatched, knows he has little time to reach Jerusalem before it sparks an international war.

Jacob knows, even more, that he cannot solve the case without partnering with the mysterious archeologist he hopes to not fall in love with.

As they spring into action to decode the ancient riddles and stop them, they soon realize the plot goes deeper than they could have imagined. With the fate of the world in the balance, they may just be out of time.



Coming April 25, 2023
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Target Three
The Spy Game—Book #3

Target Three (The Spy Game—Book #3) by [Jack Mars]

By Jack Mars

Jacob Snow, elite soldier-turned-CIA agent, must race into action when a new terrorist group arises with a terrifying weapon: a deadly disease, lying dormant underwater for centuries. If unleashed, it will wreak unimaginable destruction—and Jacob is the only one who can stop it.

But the path to finding it lies through an ancient relic. And the only one brilliant enough to unravel its symbolism is Jana, Jacob’s mysterious partner and archeologist.

Together, they must find and stop the terrorists before its too late. But in a shocking twist, Jacob realizes that his own path may just come back to bring him down.



The Deadly Secret
A Danika Stone Series Book 1

The Deadly Secret: A CIA Assassin Political Espionage Spy Thriller (A Danika Stone Series Book 1) by [J.K. Hopkins]

By J.K. Hopkins

A Middle Eastern terrorist state has developed a small arsenal of nuclear weapons … and is determined to use them.

With a nuclear showdown looming, the President must choose between launching a first strike or gambling on the CIA to execute a perilous mission that could cost thousands of lives but spare the world from a much more terrifying outcome.

Brilliant, lethal and an expert in Middle Eastern affairs, Agent Danika Stone is uniquely qualified for the daring assignment that was little more than a laundry list of unattainable objectives with impossible deadlines. It was a suicidal operation from which she was not likely to return.

And that was the good news.



Project Aurora
Project Aurora Thrillers Book 1
1Project Aurora: An action-packed Big Tech conspiracy thriller (Project Aurora Thrillers Book 1) by [Daniel Pelfrey]

By Daniel Pelfrey

The Central Intelligence Agency has a hidden hand in the tech world, controlling an intricate web of corporate entities carefully concealed from the public. All for their own nefarious ends – to gather intelligence, weaponize social media outlets, and craft the ultimate human agent.



Damascus Station
Book 1 of 2

Damascus Station: A Novel by [David McCloskey]

By David McCloskey 

CIA case officer Sam Joseph is dispatched to Paris to recruit Syrian Palace official Mariam Haddad. The two fall into a forbidden relationship, which supercharges Haddad’s recruitment and creates unspeakable danger when they enter Damascus to find the man responsible for the disappearance of an American spy.



coming october 3, 2023
Moscow X
Book 2 of 2

Moscow X: A Novel by [David McCloskey]

By David McCloskey 

A daring CIA plot threatens chaos in the Kremlin. Its execution is foiled by a Russian woman with secret loyalties.

CIA operatives Sia and Max enter Russia to recruit Vladimir Putin’s moneyman. Sia works for a London firm that conceals the wealth of the super-rich. Max’s family business in Mexico—a CIA front since the 1960s—is a farm that breeds high-end racehorses. They pose as a couple, and their targets are Vadim, Putin’s private banker, and his wife, Anna, who is both a banker and an intelligence officer. 



The Berlin Exchange

The Berlin Exchange: A Novel by [Joseph Kanon]

By Joseph Kanon 

Berlin, 1963. An early morning spy swap, not at the familiar setting for such exchanges, nor at Checkpoint Charlie, where international visitors cross into the East, but at a more discreet border crossing, usually reserved for East German VIPs. The Communists are trading two American students caught helping people to escape over the wall and an aging MI6 operative. On the other side of the trade: Martin Keller, a physicist who once made headlines, but who then disappeared into the English prison system. Keller’s most critical possession: his American passport. Keller’s most ardent desire: to see his ex-wife Sabine and their young son.



Triple Cross
The Kate Henderson Thrillers Book 1

Triple Cross (The Kate Henderson Thrillers) by [Tom Bradby]

By Tom Bradby

Attempting to rebuild her shattered life on vacation in the South of France, former MI6 operative Kate Henderson receives an unexpected and most unwelcome visit from an old adversary: the UK Prime Minister. He has an extraordinary story to tell—and he needs her help.



Double Agent
The Kate Henderson Thrillers Book 2

Double Agent (The Kate Henderson Thrillers Book 2) by [Tom Bradby]

By Tom Bradby

Kidnapped in Venice by a Russian defector, Kate knows she’s in trouble. But when he offers her conclusive video evidence that the British Prime Minister is a live agent working for Moscow, Kate’s holiday quickly becomes the start of her next mission.



Secret Service
The Kate Henderson Thrillers Book 3

Secret Service (The Kate Henderson Thrillers) by [Tom Bradby]

By Tom Bradby

An MI6 officer must find a traitor hiding within the highest ranks of government.

Senior MI6 officer Kate Henderson is in possession of the political equivalent of a nuclear bomb. She heads up the Russia Desk of the Secret Intelligence Service, and one of her undercover operations has revealed some alarming evidence that a senior UK politician is a high-level Russian informer.



The Matchmaker
A Spy in Berlin

The Matchmaker: A Spy in Berlin by [Paul Vidich]

By Paul Vidich

An American woman targeted by the Stasi must confront the truth behind her German husband’s mysterious disappearance.

Berlin, 1989.  Protests across East Germany threaten the Iron Curtain and Communism is the ill man of Europe.

Anne Simpson, an American who works as a translator at the Joint Operations Refugee Committee, thinks she is in a normal marriage with a charming East German. But then her husband disappears and the CIA and Western German intelligence arrive at her door.



The Moscow Rules
The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War

The Moscow Rules: The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War by [Antonio J. Mendez, Jonna Mendez]

By Antonio J. Mendez and Jonna Mendez

“From the spymaster and inspiration for the movie Argo, discover the real-life spy thriller of the brilliant but under-supported CIA operatives who developed breakthrough spy tactics that helped turn the tide of the Cold War.” — Malcolm Nance

Antonio Mendez and his future wife Jonna were CIA operatives working to spy on Moscow in the late 1970s, at one of the most dangerous moments in the Cold War. Soviets kept files on all foreigners, studied their patterns, and tapped their phones. Intelligence work was effectively impossible. The Soviet threat loomed larger than ever.



How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History

Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled Off the Most Audacious Rescue in History by [Antonio Mendez, Matt Baglio]

By Antonio Mendez and Matt Baglio

The true, declassified account of CIA operative Tony Mendez’s daring rescue of American hostages from Iran that inspired the critically-acclaimed film directed by and starring Ben Affleck, and co-starring John Goodman, Alan Arkin, and Bryan Cranston.

On November 4, 1979, Iranian militants stormed the American embassy in Tehran and captured dozens of American hostages, sparking a 444-day ordeal and a quake in global politics still reverberating today. But there is a little-known drama connected to the crisis: six Americans escaped. And a top-level CIA officer named Antonio Mendez devised an ingenious yet incredibly risky plan to rescue them before they were detected.



The Slough House Novels

By Mick Herron

Mick Herron’s eight Slough House novels have been shortlisted for eight CWA Daggers, winning twice, and shortlisted for the Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year three times. The first, Slow Horses, was picked as one of the best twenty spy novels of all time by the Daily Telegraph, while Joe Country was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.



The Syndicate Spy
A Juliet Arroway Novel

The Syndicate Spy: A Juliet Arroway Novel by [Brittany Butler]

By Brittany Butler

“Sacrifices must be made; battles will be lost. It is always this way in a quest for change.”

In the near future, Earth’s oil reserves are depleted. Nations grapple to find an alternative energy source. Terrorists race for control over world resources. And the Syndicate—a conglomerate of allied intelligence agencies—struggles to maintain peace.



The Vienna Connection
Darren Priest Mysteries Book 1

The Vienna Connection (Darren Priest Mysteries Book 1) by [Dick Rosano]

By Dick Rosano

Former intelligence expert Darren Priest tries to distance himself from his old life, and turns to a new vocation as a wine and food writer.

He quickly discovers that some things you can’t un-volunteer for. Called to Vienna by the U.S. President, Priest undertakes a covert mission where friend quickly turns into foe.

With numerous enemies threatening his mission, can Priest figure out whom to trust – and keep the Vienna Connection a secret?



The Etruscan Connection
Darren Priest Mysteries Book 2

The Etruscan Connection (Darren Priest Mysteries Book 2) by [Dick Rosano]

By Dick Rosano

After a distinguished scientist dies under suspicious circumstances at an archaeological dig in Tuscany, Darren Priest and Alana Weber are called in to investigate.

They discover that the now-deceased scientist’s work was focused on Italy’s earliest history, and the possible connection to the mysterious Etruscan people. Ancient coins found at the site point to the Lydian Kingdom of Turkey, but also to nefarious activities, the Curse of Croesus, and the possibility that the origins of Roman Empire would have to be called to question.



The Paletti Notebook
Darren Priest Mysteries Book 3

The Paletti Notebook (Darren Priest Mysteries 3) by [Dick Rosano]

By Dick Rosano

Florence, 1553. An assassin sent by Arma Dei disappears into the night, with him a collection of heretical art and writings.

For five centuries the satchel, containing sketches and writings by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many others, is pursued by kings, popes, princes, and scavengers. The Paletti Notebook lives on through rumor and legend, which also suggest that it contains the infamous Gospel of Matthias, thought to be lost forever.




Betrayal (Tim Tigner Standalone Thrillers) by [Tim Tigner]

By Tim Tigner

It ended with an invention.
He never intended to use it.
But then they betrayed him.



The Assassin’s Betrayal
Jason Drake Spy Thriller Book 1

The Assassin's Betrayal: CIA Assassin (Jason Drake Spy Thriller Book 1) by [Auston King]

By Auston King

He was a hunter, a spy, and an assassin.
But then they killed the woman he loved.
So he disappeared.

Only there’s one problem, you can never hide from the CIA.



Ashes and Smoke
A Dominic Bellagio Thriller

Ashes and Smoke: A Dominic Bellagio Thriller (Dominic Bellagio Thriller Series Book 1) by [Adam James]

By Adam James

Following a lifetime of undercover operations, Dominic Bellagio takes refuge in Southern California where he’s living the quiet life at the beach surfing, fishing, jogging along the shore and playing keyboards in a local jazz combo.

Then his old black ops partner, Eduardo “Cat” Catalanos, shows up out of nowhere with a load of unfinished business that upends Dominic’s relationship with his new girlfriend and propels him into the shadow world of betrayal and sudden death that he thought he’d left behind so long ago.



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