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“There are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the globe … the sun in the heavens and The Associated Press down here.”
— Mark Twain



Coming May 27, 2022

Screenwriting Basics

adapting your book into a screenplay

Instructor: Michael R. Elliott, Esq — My Word Publishing

Fri, May 27th 2022 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

Join us in our upcoming screenwriting workshop on how to turn your book into a screenplay! In this class Michael Elliot will address how to write your logline, story theme, outline, first draft, rewriting and other parts of the writing process.

Registrants will receive a recording in addition to the live class.


Coming May 31 — June 4, 2022


Panelists discuss choosing the best writing method


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Drexel University Online

low-residency MFA Program

You need a program that’s as passionate about your writing as you are. Drexel University’s low-residency, two-year MFA in Creative Writing helps you grow as a writer in a supportive creative community – while letting you complete most of the career-focused curriculum online through workshops, reading tutorials, and one-on-one packet exchanges with notable published writers.

Check it out!

6 Effective Steps to Promote Your Book

By Aileen Weintraub — Writer’s Digest

Social media is a daunting albeit important aspect of promoting our work. Here, author Aileen Weintraub offers six steps to promote your book on social media authentically.


From No Book to Book Deal

in under a year

By Carely Fortune — Writer’s Digest

From picking up a reading habit to navigating daily word counts, award-winning journalist Carley Fortune shares how she went from no book to a book deal in less than a year.


Dialogue — How to Write It

7 great tips for writers

By Hannah Yang — ProWritingAid Fortune

Great dialogue serves multiple purposes. It moves your plot forward. It develops your characters and it makes the story more engaging.

It’s not easy to do all these things at once, but when you master the art of writing dialogue, readers won’t be able to put your book down.


What Should You Read Next?

May 20, 2022 — the Best Reviewed Books of the Week

By Book Marks — Literary Hub

Featuring new titles by Jhumpa Lahiri, Emma Straub, Benjamin Myers, Maggie Shipstead, and more.


May’s Best Psychological Thrillers

new books from Elizabeth Day, Dervla McTiernan, May Cobb, and more.

By Lisa Levy — CrimeReads


May 2022 Edition of The Big Thrill

The Magazine of the International Thriller Writers

In his first interview with The Big Thrill, bestselling author Don Winslow talks to Dawn Ius about his latest crime thriller—and his big announcement


The Seeds of a Novel

the small moments that haunt us

By Steve Almond — Literary Hub

Writing as a Means of Dealing With Obsession


The Spy Novel — What You Need to Know

4 Things Every Military/Espionage Thriller Writer Should Know

By Don Bentley — Writer’s Digest

You don’t need first-hand insider information to write a compelling and believable spy novel. To help you on your way, I’ve compiled a list of common mistakes to avoid.


The Antagonist in Story Structure

parts 1 and 2

By K.M. Weiland — Helping Writers Become Authors

Especially in a tightly plotted story, the antagonist is every bit as important a driver of the story structure as is the protagonist.


What to Read in May

Here Are the Best Reviewed Books of the Month

By Book Marks — Literary Hub


5 Non-Fiction Titles So Vibrant They Read Like Fiction

the new pantheon of true crime

By Elle Marr — CrimeReads


8 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Expect in May

By Aurora Lydia Dominguez — Book Riot


10 Noteworthy Books for May

By Becky Meloan — The Washington Post

New books this month are out of this world, almost literally, with a fun memoir from a former air hostess and a couple of knockout fantasy and horror titles.


10 Books You Should Be Reading This May

From thought-provoking nonfiction to visceral fiction

By Tobias Carroll — Inside Hook

If there’s a running theme in this month’s rundown of notable books, it’s the idea of people moving outside of their comfort zone. Here, you’ll find books written by people best known for their work in the film industry; you’ll also find a foray into nonfiction from an author better known for their detailed fictional trips into the future. Whether you’re looking for ruminations on aging or a thrilling trip into a human mind, our recommendations this month have you covered.


10 New Books Coming Out This Week

May 9, 2022

By CrimeReads

New offerings from the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers. Another week, another batch of books for your TBR pile. Happy reading, folks.


The Best Mystery, Thriller, and True Crime books Out in May

By Jamie Canaves — Book Riot

Spring has sprung, and what better pairing to the beauty of nature than the ugly side of humans and crime? 


The Best New Crime Fiction of May 2022

By CrimeReads

Featuring new books from Adrian McKinty, Isabel Cañas, Elizabeth Day, James Lee Burke, and more.

The CrimeReads editors select their favorite new fiction this month.


Plot Twists

By Elizageth Day — Crime Reads

Nine works from different eras and genres, all united by one thing: a twist that completely upends your reading experience.

As an inveterate reader, there is nothing I enjoy more than being swept up in a plot and then—suddenly—having all my preconceptions pulled out from under me with a deft authorial sleight of hand.


Book Page

Discover your next great book!

BookPage is a recommendation guide for readers, highlighting the best new books across all genres as chosen by our editors. BookPage is editorially independent; any publisher-sponsored content is clearly labeled as such.

* fiction
* nonfiction
* mystery
* romance
* science fiction & fantasy
* children’s & YA


it’s all about the tension

By Daniel Kalla — Crime Reads

“There exists an unwritten contract between the suspense reader and writer that…tension will always be a significant part of the ride.”


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* * COMING UP! * *

Coming May 30, 2022

The Fire Killer

By Ross Greenwood

When DI Barton is asked to investigate a seemingly innocuous fire that kills, he believes it’s either children fooling around or a worrying racially-motivated crime.

As he delves deeper into the case, he soon realises that there is a history of similar blazes spread out over many years, all within a close area. An idea suggested by pathologist Mortis makes Barton suspect he has the arsonist’s motives wrong.

When a night worker comes forward with a tip, Barton narrows down the suspects. But with all of them acting suspiciously, he knows for sure that one or more of them must be lying. And when a huge house blaze shocks everyone, Barton fears the killer has lost all control.

Who is The Fire Killer? What will be next to burn?



Coming May 31, 2022

Hunting the Mirror Man

By Brian Shea and Ty Hutchinson

As FBI Agent Sterling Gray races to catch a serial killer hunting women in the American heartland, a chilling set of similar murders appears in London.

For FBI profiler Sterling Gray, every day in the Bureau’s Behavior Analysis Unit is another shot at redemption. A chance to make up for the lives he failed to save in the past. And a chance to banish his nightmares once and for all.

But a new nightmare is about to begin…



Coming May 31, 2022

The Handler

By M.P. Woodward

A disgraced former CIA operative must go back in the field with only his ex-wife as his handler in this electrifying thriller from a former intelligence officer.

Meredith Morris-Dale is a CIA case officer and a damn good one…even if this last mission did go terribly wrong. Now she has been summoned back to Langley where she expects to be fired. Instead, she is met by the Deputy Director with stunning news. 



Coming June 1, 2022

The Man Burned by Winter

By Pete Zacharias

An investigative journalist on the edge. A serial killer testing his limits. What they have in common can freeze the blood.

Still reeling from a personal tragedy, investigative journalist Rooker Lindström finds a grim hideaway from the world. It’s the dilapidated cabin on Minnesota’s Deer Lake bequeathed to him by his late father—one of the most notorious serial killers in the state. If the walls of this murder house could talk, they’d scream.






April 2022 Book News

Why I Finally Decided to Write a Main Character Who Shares My Ethnicity

By Alma Katsu — CrimeReads

Something happened on my way to writing my next novel, The Fervor (Putnam): it became personal.

The Fervor marks the first time I’ve written a main character with the same ethnicity as mine, Asian American. I had no idea what a different experience this would be.


10 New Books Coming Out This Week

By CrimeReads

New offerings from the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers.

We Are Fictional Characters of Our Own Creation

By Nick Chater — Neuropsych

Data suggests that the stories we tell ourselves about our motives, beliefs, and values are not merely unreliable but entirely fictitious.


New Historical Fiction Books

you’ll want to pick up this spring

By Kirby Beaton — BuzzFeed


10 New April Novels

The month’s best in crime, mystery, and thrillers.

By CrimeReads

Each month the CrimeReads editors make their selections for the best upcoming fiction in crime, mystery, and thrillers.


April’s Best

psychological thrillers

By CrimeReads


10 Crime Novels with Isolated Settings

characters in impossible-to-escape scenarios

By Nell Pattison — CrimeReads

Most crime writers love to torture their characters and put them in impossible situations—it’s what we do best, and that’s why isolated settings work so well. Whether it’s a group of strangers on an island, or friends who find themselves cut off from society due to extreme weather, staging a murder in a situation where those left behind are unable to escape or to contact the outside world for help adds an extra layer of threat and increases the tension.


New Nonfiction for Spring 2022

By Rebecca Hussey — BookRiot

There are so many great new releases in nonfiction coming out in the next few months! I’ve rounded up some of the most exciting nonfiction to be published this spring, but the list could easily be much longer.


37 New April Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

By Cheryl Eddy — GIZMODO

All the titles you need to know while putting together your reading list for the month.



March 2022 Book News

20 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Spring

spring preview


A host of new fiction and nonfiction titles — including a new memoir by Margo Jefferson, novels by Akwaeke Emezi, Jennifer Egan, and Chantal V. Johnson, and poetry by Ocean Vuong — can help us separate the mistakes we want to leave in the past from the new realities we want to construct for ourselves and each other.


49 Books Coming Out This Spring


From steamy romance and scary thrillers to riveting sci-fi, memoirs, and literary fiction — here are the spring books we couldn’t get enough of.


The Books Will Keep You Warm

A celebration of small-town libraries and retro mysteries

By Nikki Knight — CrimeReads


40 Books That Might Help You Write Your Novel

By Rachel Krantz — BuzzFeed

For writers, every single book you read helps you write your book. Even if it’s a book you find badly written, you learn what not to do. As writers, reading is our fuel, our education, our most reliable cure for writer’s block. When in doubt how to proceed, read.


The Best New March Psychological Thrillers

Boarding school mysteries, estranged sisters, and small-town football clashes

By Lisa Levy — CrimeReads


When the Crisis Starts

highlights of the week

By Los Angeles Review of Books LARB


The Best New March Crime Fiction

March features new novels from Kellye Garrett, Alex Segura, Gigi Pandian, Cara Black, and more.

By CrimeReads


10 New Books Coming Out This Week

New offerings from the world of crime, mystery, and thrillers

By CrimeReads


Overgrown Eyesores

Six novels set in abandoned places

By John Searles — Literary Hub


What’s on a Spy Novelist’s Bookshelf

By Susan Ouellette — Crime Reads

Former intelligence analyst and current spy novelist Susan Ouellette rounds up some essential espionage-adjacent reads.


Literature Isn’t Bound by the Rules of Time

By Emma Sarappo – The Atlantic

Humans can move through time in only one way: forward, second by second, even when we set the clocks ahead an hour. But literature isn’t bound by the same rules. 



February 2022 Book News

Story 5 Psychological Thrillers You Should Read This February

Office obsessions, wellness retreats, and antiquarian sex magic

By Lisa Levy — CrimeReads


Three Things That Bugged Me in a Book

By James Scott Bell @ The Kill Zone

Speed Bumps: The more there are along the story road, the less the reader will enjoy the ride. Much of my teaching is devoted to speed bump removal. The downside is that it’s harder for me to read just for pleasure. I can’t help lingering over the bumps I encounter and imagining ways they could have been eliminated. 


Reading Transforms Us

By Marianna Pogosyan Ph.D. — Psychology Today

How books can help us develop our key emotional and cognitive skills.


Conflict in Fiction

What it really is and why it’s important to plot

By K.M. Weiland

Conflict is one of the central engines of story. We’ve all heard it: no conflict, no story. On the surface, that makes total sense. It’s natural enough for our modern, western minds to conflate conflict and confrontation when we consider fiction.

There’s more to it than that!


Get Published in 2022

Breaking In Resource Directory from Writer’s Digest

By The Editors of Writer’s Digest

A collection of advice from 41 agents, 39 debut authors, and 27 small presses, to help writers make 2022 the year they get their book published.

It’s a perfect guide for writers looking to get their book published in today’s marketplace.


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