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Now Available! January 25, 2023

The Idea Man

By T. J. Emerson

Three women’s lives are about to change forever.

The Daughter.

My father is innocent. He’s spent almost four years behind bars, but now he’s getting out. I gave up everything to be there for him, just like he was always there for me. It’s all going to be worth it now.

The Girlfriend.

As soon as I opened the paper that day and saw that picture of Sandy, I didn’t care about the story surrounding it. There’s no way he hurt that girl. Now he’s out, we’ll get married and I’ll finally get to meet his daughter. There’ll be no more hiding our love.

The Other Woman.

No one knows what happened all those years ago, and the life I built depends on no one finding out. Now he’s getting out, my secrets may soon see the light. I can’t let that happen.

One Loves Him.  One Needs Him.  One Wants Him DEAD.



Coming  January 28, 2023

The Frenchman

By Jack Beaumont 

Based on the experiences of a real French spy, Jack Beaumont’s first-hand knowledge and experiences make this thriller plausible and frightening as you’re plunged into the very real world of terror, espionage, and danger.

Alec de Payns is an undercover operative in the ultra-elusive French Y Division of the DGSE, a foreign intelligence service equivalent to the CIA or MI6. Code named Aguilar, de Payns is one of the division’s most accomplished agents working to neutralize international threats on a daily basis while simultaneously trying to balance his home life as a husband and father. When a routine mission to infiltrate a dangerous terrorist group unexpectedly goes belly up, Alec is faced with the unthinkable: that he may have been betrayed by someone in his close-knit team—and they may be trying to pin the blame on Alec himself.



Coming January 31, 2023
And Only 99 Cents!

The Fighting Detective Series Books 4-6

The Jack Lisbon Australian Crime Thriller Box Sets

By Blair Denholm 


Looking for an action-packed crime fiction series, with a cast of unforgettable characters, each novel featuring a mind-blowing twist?

Meet Jack Lisbon, an ex-boxer detective from the corrupt underbelly of South London. A man who stops at nothing to uncover the truth. He’s got a closet full of dark and painful secrets, but that doesn’t stop him using every means at his disposal – not all of them “by the book” – to catch the criminals. All while adjusting to life in a new and strange land.



Coming January 31, 2023
And Only 99 Cents!

Reckoning from the Shadows

The Ahriman Legacy Book 4

By Puja Guha 

A Riveting Political and Espionage Thriller

After barely getting out of Russia alive, Veronica thought her life would finally be at peace…

However, her problems have only just begun. In April 2024, she comes face to face with her reckoning from the shadows at a safe house in New York—her ex-boyfriend and Agency traitor, Kevin.

Misjudged as an ambush, Kevin comes with a warning that the FSB is after her and disappears into the night. The hunt to bring him to justice begins.



Coming February 7, 2023

The Deceit

By Sara Foster

Lenny has always known that his wife, Claire, is the love of his life. But somehow his marriage is in shambles, he’s struggling with the kids, and a string of anonymous text messages are tormenting him, insisting that Claire is a liar.

Claire adores Lenny, but there’s a lot she hasn’t told him about the traumatic events that led her to him, and over the last few years she has gradually closed down. Now she’s terrified that the horrors of her past might be about to put her entire family in danger.

However, it’s only when new neighbors move in across the road that Claire and Lenny’s carefully built facades start to rupture, for these strangers appear to know far more than they should about the couple’s troubles. Over the next few days, the lies will be exposed, and everyone’s lives will change forever, as the truth about Claire’s past finally comes to light.

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