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A Joelene Stonehouse Thriller

By Adam James

FOLLOWING TWENTY-FIVE YEARS flying every kind of attack helicopter the Army has to offer, Joelene Stonehouse returns to a civilian world she barely recognizes. But sitting home alone painting pictures of horses and cows doesn’t cut it. Following a life of danger and excitement, what’s a warrior to do?




With two bonus stories

By J.J. Hensley

Ronald Blyte has made a series of poor life choices that have placed him neck-deep in the drug trade. When his co-conspirators turn on him, Blyte pays an excruciating price for his sins.



Not Really Dead

A totally heart-stopping serial killer thriller novella

By Leslie Wolfe

The crimes: horrifying

After a high-profile victim survives a brutal attack in her own home, FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett accepts to handle the investigation off-book. With every question she asks, the truth unveiled poses more questions but leads to only one possible conclusion: The Word Killer is back.



November’s Past

By A.E. Howe

The job of criminal investigator in a rural Florida county is never easy, but it’s even harder when your father is the sheriff.

When Larry Macklin investigates the murder of a mutilated stranger, the search for the victim’s identity intersects with an arson investigation. The common thread is a small group of people who were in high school together in the ’70s, including Larry’s own father.



Don’t Fence Me In

By Heath Daniels

The year is 2018 and the United States is in the depths of civil unrest. Conflict rages across the land in innumerable forms. There are the frequent bombings of civil centers, lengthy and dangerous government shutdowns, and mass illegal immigrant abuse along the Mexican-American border.

Behind the cacophony of chaos, a sinister secret group orchestrates acts of terrorism in a concerted effort to collapse the United States from within.



Extinction Pulse

By Kevin Partner

Nothing will stop this father from finding his daughter.

Not even the end of the world.

Detective Elijah Wade is on the trail of a serial killer when the skies above Los Angeles erupt into the most spectacular light show humanity has ever seen. And the most deadly. His daughter is in a hospital bed on the other side of the continent, but where does his duty lie now? To her, to justice or to his species?

Astronomer Hannah Redman watches as her colleagues die one by one, victims of a lethal dose of radiation. Can she survive long enough to discover what’s caused the catastrophe and whether it will happen again?



White Raven

By J.L. Weil


It only took one heartbeat to change my life–one chilling phone call in the middle of the night.

And then, as if my life didn’t already suck, my dad sends my brother and me to some idyllic island for the summer to live with a grandma we never met. WTH. Naturally, I rebel. In the end, I find myself shipped off to Raven Hollow . . . and bored to tears.



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By D.S. Kane

A spy quit and blackmailed her way out of the business. Now she finds the leverage needed to keep her alive falling apart . . .

Cassandra Sashakovich quit spying for her country. To do this, she blackmailed the White House to get her boyfriend, Lee Ainsley, released from Gitmo. She also rescued the teenager, Ann Silbee, from homelessness. Now they’re safe and so is she. So everything should slowly become normal.

But Lee and Ann hate each other. Worse still, all those she broke and mangled on her mad run to survive want revenge.

Her life starts to unravel when the brother of murdered terrorists discovers it was Cassandra that killed them. Then the President’s secret, the one she promised to keep hidden in exchange for her boyfriend’s release, leaks to the press.



Death Byte

By D.S. Kane

When the plans to a new device that could change the course of world politics forever is stolen, every country goes looking. It’s going to be a free-for-all.

When someone breaks into William Wing’s Hong Kong apartment and steals the hard drives from his computer, it sets several intelligence services searching for the plans to a new device that could change the course of world politics forever.



Hit and Run

By Andy Maslen

They killed her man. Now she wants revenge . . .

Stella, Richard and baby Lola. A perfect family. Stella’s a high-flying cop and Richard’s legal work aims to expose corruption in high places. But powerful people want Richard dead, and they don’t care who gets in the way. In a calculated act of violence, the family is torn apart and Stella is plunged into a nightmare of grief, barely surviving on alcohol and pills.

A year later, after compassionate leave, she starts to pick apart the original investigation into the hit and run that left her a widow. Her shocking discovery forces her into a dangerous world of lies and cover-ups where the law doesn’t apply. And the only rule is kill or be killed.



Where the Dead Fall

By M.J. Lee

One chance encounter, one murder, will change everything.

DI Thomas Ridpath is in the process of getting his life back together when everything goes wrong. Caught in a gruesome motorway incident, one question remains: why did nobody else see what happened?

Ridpath’s investigations soon pulls the police force itself into question, and hints at something even more sinister.



One Cold Night

By Katia Lief

One cold night she disappeared . . .

New York Police detective Dave Strauss is haunted by the one case he couldn’t solve. A schoolgirl vanished off the streets of Brooklyn, with only a trail of blood and a series of untraceable phone calls from “the Groom” hinting at her fate. Now the cold dark night has engulfed another young girl—but this time she is part of Dave’s family. He and his wife, Susan, know fourteen-year-old Lisa has not run away, and they know her disappearance is not just a tragic coincidence. And once the first phone call comes, they know she’s not alone….



Dawn of Ares

Chaos Rising

By George Sherman

Following James and Alicia’s assault on the wine factory, Alicia is left near death while James rushes her to the hospital. He soon realizes that he is being followed, and as he tries to get away he manages to capture one of them. He takes the man he captured to the desert and questions him about everything that’s been going on and he learns about something big that’s about to happen in New York.

James makes his way to New York, unaware of what’s about to go down but bent on stopping it at any cost.




By R.D. Shah

To find the truth, one must first uncover the lies . . .

When a Catholic priest hangs himself at the Pope’s inauguration in St. Peter’s Square, his friend, Professor Alex Harker, is dragged into a secret war.

The suicide sets into motion a timetable of terrifying events that will irrevocably change the world as we know it. With the clock ticking, pursued by a deadly assassin, Harker must track down and decipher pieces of a puzzle laid down by the dead priest.




By M.R. Forbes

In the year 2050, Earth makes first contact. By 2052, the war is over. We lose.

As a development platform for desperately needed advanced technology, the experimental starship Foresight is the greatest hope humankind has to flee the alien hordes. For test pilot Captain Nicholas Shepherd, the success of the program is even more personal. Successful completion means delivering his wife and son safely off-world and leaving the war behind for good. But when Foresight suffers a critical malfunction during her final scheduled flight, what should have been a minor setback becomes a major fight for survival.



The Girl at the Deep End of the Lake

By Sam Lee Jackson

What happens when two of the most dangerous men in the world are now in civilian life? What if one of those men is living on a houseboat? What if bad, bad men throw a teenage girl off the end of his dock? If you are Jackson, you dive into deep water and save the girl. But, when the ingrate disappears into the mean streets of Phoenix you don’t let that stand. You recruit your old partner, Blackhawk, and together you take on two of the bloodiest cartels in the Southwest. Yeah, that’s what happens.



The Red Hand

By Michael Stephen Daigle

Someone is experimenting with . . . Death!

Rookie detective Frank Nagler has barely had time to arrange his desk, when a new homicide case is assigned to him. Could a serial killer be stalking his hometown of Ironton, N.J.?



The Weight of Living

By Michael Stephen Daigle

The search to find the name and home of a barefoot young girl wearing a tank top and shorts on a cold March night leads Ironton, N.J., Detective Frank Nagler down the twisting, dark path of a family whose history has ensnared many victims, including a nun from Nagler’s youth and Calista Knox, a companion of Nagler’s best friend.



Stripped Silent

By Fredrick L. Stafford

He Came for the Girls. He Stayed for the Fun. He Left . . . Stripped Silent!

Molka, an elite special forces warrior, resigns from the military after a tragic mission leads to the murder of her little sister and wishes to live a quiet life as a veterinarian.

They wouldn’t let her though.



Load Shoot Run Repeat

By Fredrick L. Stafford


Molka, an elite special forces warrior, resigns from the military after a tragic mission leads to the murder of her little sister and wishes to live a quiet life as a veterinarian.

They wouldn’t let her though.



Dark Game

By Rachel Lynch

DI Kelly Porter knows some people will risk everything to get ahead. But when the truth comes out deadly prices are paid . . .

After a scandal forces DI Kelly Porter out of the Met, she returns to her home turf in the Lake District. Crimes in the Cumbrian constabulary tend to be of the minor sort, but Kelly begins work on a cold case that shocked the local community – the abduction and brutal murder of ten-year-old Lottie Davies.



The Scattered and the Dead

By Tim McBain and L.T. Vargus

“All my friends are dead. Everyone I’ve ever cared about is dead.”

Loneliness drives an introvert to write a letter to the girl in the apartment across the hall. He is anxious. Reclusive. Desperate for a friend. The apocalypse interrupts this attempt at human contact.



The Last Victim

By L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain

An escaped killer. A troubled investigator. Secrets that haunt the past and present.

New crimes lead FBI profiler Victor Loshak to revisit former scenes and witnesses in the Las Vegas area. The evidence suggests the return of a notorious and brutal serial killer from years ago — the one who got away.



The Good Life Crisis

By L.T. Vargus, E.M. Smith and Tim McBain

Everyone has secrets. Even the dead.

A murder interrupts Special Agent Victor Loshak’s vacation in Santa Fe — a middle-aged man executed in his garage. The forensic details make it seem like a professional job, but the local police seem hell bent on pinning the killing on the dead man’s wife anyway.



Image in a Cracked Mirror

By L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain

A family has been massacred in their home, a display of violence both brutal and bizarre. The details prove curious — not only are the bodies savaged way beyond anything found at a normal murder scene, every mirror in the house has been shattered.



Last Place You Look

By Louisa Scarr

The man you love has been murdered. You’d do anything to find out the truth. Wouldn’t you?

A man lies dead in a hotel room, and the police attend his home address to inform the widow. Nothing unusual, until DC Freya West realises that the victim is the man she has been having an affair with. The future she imagined has been snatched away.



Purrfect Murder

By Nic Saint

Sometimes it takes a cat to catch a killer.

There’s something special about Max. He may look like your regular ginger flabby tabby, but unlike most tabbies he can actually communicate with his human, reporter for the Hampton Cove Gazette Odelia Poole.



Spider Mouth

By Mark Yarwood


DI Fred Fairservice has just returned from holiday when he’s confronted with several mysterious deaths; the mutilated dead body of a junkie, the apparent suicide of a housewife, and the murder of a cannibal, kicks off the strangest investigation of his dark and brutal career.

But the strangest element of the case is the connection to the deaths of several old men and women who are found with spiders placed in their mouths. Slowly it dawns on Fred that it’s all too familiar and echoes something strange and macabre that happened to him when he was a boy. It can’t be just a coincidence.




By Mark Yarwood


A gruesome, dark and twisted journey into a serial killer’s mind.

The London streets are the hunting ground of a killer nicknamed THE CLOCK. At each crime scene the killer leaves his male victims dismembered in the shape of a clock face. DCI Paul Webb, a detective recovering from a broken heart and stalking his ex-lover, is put in charge of the case. But he needs help to get inside the killer’s mind. Along comes Dr Kirill Fedorov, a dying Russian man who believes he can stop disturbed children becoming serial killers. Luke Wind is the only British child Dr Fedorov supposedly cured of becoming a serial killer; he’s persuaded by the Russian doctor to help the police track down THE CLOCK. But when the killings start to look personal, Luke starts to question whether he was cured of being a killer at all.



The Contingency War Boxed Set

the complete four-book series

By G.J. Ogden

An alien invasion space opera with a twist that you won’t see coming. Read the complete Contingency War series now as a four-book box set. No.1 best-seller in space-fleet science fiction with over 250 5-star ratings.



Can’t Find My Way Home

By Carlene Thompson


Eighteen years ago.

Brynn Wilder is twelve years old when her perfect suburban Maryland life changes forever. Her father is stabbed to death in the woods behind their house.

Then Brynn’s father, principal of the local high school, is unmasked as the infamous Genessa Point serial killer. Police say he murdered eight children. He kept each child alive for days, before finally stabbing them through the heart.



The Day She Died

By Catriona McPherson

Jessie Constable gets together with the man of her dreams . . . on the day his wife dies.

The day his wife drives her car off a bridge.

Now everything that was the wife’s is Jessie’s — the man, the kids, the forever home. Everything that Jessie has always dreamed of.

She wants to believe her perfect new life is for real. But it’s not, is it?



Miami Burn

By John D.Patten

He came for revenge. He found redemption.

Titus drove to Florida to murder a man. Fresh from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Out for blood.

But when a distraught mother begs him to track down her missing daughter, the former detective can’t help himself. He dives head-first into a sleazy South Beach underworld of lowlife thugs, celebrity wannabes, and drug-fueled sex parties.



Truth Kills

By Nanci Rathburn

A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer?

Angelina Bonaparte is starting from square one. After a messy divorce, the middle-aged librarian put down her books and picked up a new gig as a private investigator. When a mob boss heads to jail for his mistress’ murder, she has no issue with the womanizing scumbag rotting in prison. But when the suspect’s pregnant wife swears his innocence, Angelina can’t find it in her heart to refuse the case.



Power in the Blood

By Michael Lister

A missing mom and a suspicious death force a reluctant detective out of self-imposed exile in this fast-paced mystery thriller.

Detective John Jordan thought he had put murder investigation behind him for good—his own good. Leaving Atlanta, he returns to Florida in search of the serenity that has so long eluded him.




By Kate McGinn

A woman who has lost everything she loved. A dangerous secret that someone will do whatever is necessary to keep buried.

The ER staff called Clare Thibodeaux the “Ice Lady”. No one knew the reason why she wouldn’t let anyone get close to her.



Killing Joe Prince

By Ken Stark

To Bill Anders, Joe Prince was the undisputed king of horror.

In fact, Joe Prince was the only reason he had started writing in the first place. Without Joe Prince and his long legacy of best-selling novels, no one would ever have heard the name Bill Anders.



The Good Husband

By John Kaine

How well do you know your spouse?

Jon and Zoey Finch appear to be the perfect couple. They have money, a house in The Hamptons, and two healthy children. After a business deal goes wrong, things begin to unravel. First, tragedy strikes, and then a violent event leaves Jon and Zoey not only fighting for their lives, but coping with the abduction of their daughter. With nothing to lose, Jon is hoping for a second chance.

A second chance has to be earned, but sometimes it has to be taken.



Wine Dark Deep

By R. Peter Keith

When the solar system’s key asteroid mine is seized by revolutionaries, it puts the secret mission of the spaceship Ulysses in jeopardy. Without a refueling launch from the asteroid, the survival of the ship and its crew is uncertain. The safest course for the Ulysses? Abandon the mission and limp home.




By R.C. Carter

Cutting edge technology meets classic detective fiction in this thrilling, often humorous escapade. Ryan and his team are drawn into a web of murder, mystery and suspense. While they investigate the death of Ryan’s best friend, the danger of 3D technology is exposed as a scientist goes rogue and pulls out all the stops to cover his tracks.




By Ken Stark

Sometimes it’s the little things that scare us the most . . .



Claiming Perfection

By D.W. Harvey

Three young women – missing, taken from their homes.

The only clue is the abductor’s sinister signature — a snakeskin coiled over a triskelion.

Detective Shane is once again drawn into the world of magic. He’s learned the hard way that magic always comes at a price. And the past still haunts him.



Dead Weight

By Ken Stark

Hal Mitchell is living a nightmare. Trapped in a body he can no longer control, his entire world has shrunk to a microcosm.

Unable to turn his head, he sees only what is directly before him. He hears others talking, but cannot utter a word. His mind is fully active, but its only use now is as a means of escaping to imaginary worlds for a few precious moments, before the pain ravaging his useless body brings him back.

It’s as if he has become his own coffin, and he has been buried alive.



The Art of Staying Dead

By Joel Hames

A secret prisoner holds the key to a thirty-year old crime.

Sam Williams was meant for great things, until a fatal misstep crashed his career. Trying to salvage the remnants is a path which leads him to the wrong place at the worst time – a high security prison in the middle of a riot, and face to face with a man the world believes is  long dead.



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