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Modern Public Libraries 

21st-Century Libraries:

The Learning Commons

By Beth Holland — Libraries become a different kind of learning destination when schools reimagine them as open, transparent spaces that invite student communication and collaboration.



Clearing the Dust:

How Libraries Are Changing in the 21st Century

By Rachael Campbell — Libraries are acclimating to the 21st century by becoming a modern destination to learn and create with friends.



Library As Infrastructure

By Shannon Mattern — Reading room, social service center, innovation lab. How far can we stretch the public library?



Libraries in the 21st Century:

The Struggle Between Perception and Reality

By Pilar Quezzaire — Digital technologies are an opportunity rather than a threat to libraries.



New Missoula Public Library (MPL)

A Virtual Tour

Thank you to Tom Bensen, Executive Director Missoula Arts Council,  for sponsoring this interview and virtual library tour led by Honore Bray, Director MPL. This newly completed structure represents a new era of public library integration with the community at large. 



A New Vision for the 21st Century Library

By Stuff Made Simple — While still places devoted to research, they are becoming social centers, too.



Private Libraries 


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Check this one out!

And here’s another one!


Check this out!


This one’s in Florence, Italy!

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