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“The most important things to remember about back story are that (a) everyone has a history and (b) most of it isn’t very interesting.”
—Stephen King

Book Editing

Coming January 20, 2022 — 2 PM ET

Self-Editing School

Editor Red Flags

By JoEllen Nordström — ProWritingAid

Learn how to edit your book!

NOTE: We record all webinars and send out a replay the following day. So, even if you are not able to make this date/time, it’s still worth registering to get the recording.



6 Types of Editing

Which One Do You Need Right Now?

By reedsyblog



7 Self-Editing Processes for Writers

When Is My Novel Ready to Read

By Kris Spisak — Writer’s Digest

Kris Spisak ties together her seven processes for self-editing novels, including editorial road-mapping, character differentiation analysis, reverse editing, and more.


10 Self-Editing Tips

By Ellen Buikema — Writers In The Storm



Allotrope Editing

we’ve got your back


Are Ing Words Weak in Fiction Writing?

By Derek Haines — Just Publishing Advice

The English language has only two participle forms, which are ed and ing. Because of this, you are going to use a lot of these words and phrases in your writing.

But when we use perfect and progressive tenses, or in some cases, the gerund form, the ing form of the verb can result in weak writing. Generally, we class simple past and simple present tense verbs as strong verbs.



Become a Freelance Book Editor

Editorial Arts Academy


Before Hiring a Developmental Editor

here are some questions to ask

By Tiffany Yates Martin — Writer’s Digest

While it may be tempting to jump in and hire an editor the moment you’re ready, it’s important to cross a few more things off your list first. Hiring a developmental editor is a major investment of an author’s resources—not just money (developmental edits often range into the thousands), but effort, time, and energy. It has the potential to markedly boost your writing and career, or to significantly damage it.



Blackdoge Books

Available Author Services:
  • Paperback and ebook publishing
  • Document design and formatting
  • Editing and proofing
  • Typesetting
  • Ebook conversion
  • Distribution assistance


Blue Pen Authors

Available Author Services:
  • Editing
  • Book Design
  • Resources


Book Cover Designer

Nancy Batra Design Studio

I provide custom book cover designs as well as marketing material for indie authors and self publishers.



Both Barrels Author Services

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Cover Design


Ellen Brock

Professional Editor

Whether you need a full novel edit or just an hour of mentoring, I’d love to work with you! Together we will give your novel its best chance at traditional or self-publishing success.



Cover to Cover

what first-time authors need to know about editing

By Sandra Wendel

Read this book before you publish your book.

This is the one book you need to read and follow if you’re writing a book for the first time. Why? Because you’ve never written a book before. This is new territory.

To write a successful book, you need to find and work with an editor who shares your passion for your work and your message and who will help you make your book sing. And sing a smash hit. A blockbuster of a message, clearly and carefully constructed so readers love you and your work and leave you five-star Amazon reviews only because they don’t have more stars to give.



Edit Like a Pro

By Susanne Bennett — Writers Write

In this post, we look at the process of editing and tell you how to edit like a pro. There are tons of advice on how to do it. Grammar, style, spelling – you name it.

But have you ever thought about the media you use?



Editing in the Age of the Amateur

By Helga Schier — Linked in

Self-publishing changed things. As traditional publishers take on fewer projects, more writers choose to take matters into their own hands and self-publish. Today, every single good book can and will find its readers. And that’s a good thing.

Trouble is, every single not-so-good book can, too.



Editing Dialogue Mistakes

By Penning and Planning

This blog post outlines how to self-edit dialogue mistakes in your fiction manuscript.



Editing the First Draft of Your Novel

By Lira Samanta

This is a stage of revision that involves complex changes like reordering plot, deepening relationships between characters, and even getting rid of some characters altogether. 



Editing Marks

every writer needs to know

By Austin VoslerWriter’s Digest

Don’t make editing your novel harder! With 11 must-know editing symbols you’ll be able to decipher the language of editing.



Editing Marks

handwritten copyediting marks

By NY Book Editors

This guide serves as a reference for the mysterious copyediting marks.



Editing Questions

questions to ask before your book is actually done

By Kris Spisak — Writer’s Digest

5 novel editing questions to ask before any next steps in the publishing process, including:

  • Does your story have a strong narrative drive?
  • Is your protagonist too passive?


Editing Your Book’s Content for Print

By Gorham Printing



Editor for Your Book??

top up-to-date recommendations

By K.M. Weiland

While finding an editor is easy, finding a good book editor is something else again.

The following editors are in alphabetical order, with their names linked to their websites, so you can do further research to discover which is best suited to your needs.



Editing Your Work?

when should writers edit their work?

By Robert Lee Brewer — Writer’s Digest

When should writers edit their work? As they write? Afterward? And should they put a lot of effort into it before submitting it? We dive into these questions here.



Editor or Agent First?

By Robert Lee Brewer — Writer’s Digest

It’s a common question asked by writers looking to get their first book published: Do you find an editor or agent first? The answer depends on each writer’s situation.



Finding a Book Editor


Great books are the product of so much more than just a great idea. Behind almost every literary success is a great team and, aside from the author, there’s perhaps no role more influential than that of the editor.



Finding Affordable Editors and Proofreaders

By Michael Sahno

If you don’t go with a vanity press, and then decide to self-publish, you’ll need professional editing and proofreading.



Finesse of the Final Cut

By Helga Schier — Books 2 Go

For decades writers (and readers) bemoaned the fact that so many good books remained unpublished. It seemed that the industry’s gatekeepers agents and editors and publishers didn’t even look at your work unless you had amazing pedigree or a publication list a mile long. A first-time writer had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting published.

The self-publishing revolution changed things. 




A team of certified Story Coaches and senior book editors dedicated to perfecting your book

JoEllen Nordström is First Editing’s Chief Word Wizard and the host of the Publishing Power Podcast.



Formatting Services

The Book Khaleesi
We can format your manuscript for Kindle, ePub and Paperback (Amazon Print). We also design Book PDFs for website giveaways, ARCs, etc.


FoxPrint Editorial

   * Writing Tips
   * Online Courses
   * Author Resources
   * Intuitive Editing


How to Edit and Publish a Book for FREE!

a free youtube video

By Fawn Tiffanie 

This video explains how to edit, format, and publish for free; with help from other sites.



MountainPony Literary

editing and guidance for writers

​Do you want to improve your writing, engage your readers, and increase your opportunities in the fiction world? Then working with an editor is for you. 



Novel Editing Workbook

By Kris Spisak

Finishing your book is awesome. Finishing your editing is what makes all the difference.

Looking for an editing guidebook that will help you take your work-in-progress to the next level? Look no further.



Professional Editor

why should writers use one?

By Tiffany Yates Martin — Writer’s Digest

When writers sign with a publisher, these days they’re rarely treated to the kind of intensive editorial collaboration they may have imagined. And if indie publishing, they will receive none at all unless they hire editors directly.

These seismic shifts in the industry have created a confusing proliferation of professionals-for-hire under the umbrella description of “editor.”

But what exactly is a professional editor—and do you need an editor for your book?



Rates for Editing Services

By Editorial Freelancers Association

NOTE: The median rate ranges listed are based on data generated by a survey administered to EFA members in April 2020 by Venture Research Associates. 



Real Book Spy

Editorial Services

Are you a new or struggling author looking for professional editorial services to take your writing to the next level? Good news, we can help! On top of line editing and copy editing, we can also help with query letters and pitches. So, whatever you need help with, we’ve got your back!

Ryan Steck can be reached via email at



Jodie Renner

Professional Editor

I specialize in editing fast-paced, popular fiction. I’m the award-winning author of three Editor’s Guides to Writing Compelling Fiction, Captivate Your ReadersFire up Your Fiction, and Writing a Killer Thriller, available in print and e-book formats. These books are all reader-friendly, with lots of bolded subtitles and before-and-after examples. They’re designed to help busy writers get in, find what they want, and get back to their writing, quickly and effortlessly.



Beth Rodgers Editing Services

Your One Stop Shop for Pristine Manuscript Revision

Beth Rodgers is a seasoned professional who provides proofreading, line editing, and developmental editing. She is an author, a college English instructor, and a library writing workshop presenter.



Reverse Editing

how going backward can bring your manuscript forward

By Kris Spisak — Writer’s Digest

When you’re reading your own writing, it’s easy for the “editor hat” to fall off your head. When you need to do your editing, you must find a way to keep that metaphorical “editor hat” securely fastened in place.



Revision and Self-Editing for Publication

By James Scott Bell

Designed to eliminate the intimidation factor that comes with revision and self-editing. Here are the tools and advice you need to transform your first draft into a finished manuscript that agents and editors will fight for.

Inside you’ll find:
  • Self-editing techniques for plot, structure, character, theme, voice, and more that can be applied as you’re writing to reduce your revision workload.
  • Methods for fine-tuning your first draft into a tight, well-developed piece of literature.
  • The Ultimate Revision Checklist, which seamlessly guides you through the revision process, step by step.
  • Exercises and techniques for “deepening” your work to engage and excite readers like never before.


Revise Your Draft in Waves

to inspire your flow and productivity

By Kris Spisak — Writer’s Digest

Scratching off items on your revision “to-do list” can be supremely satisfying. Watching the list shrink as you scrawl victory slashes through once-daunting tasks on your paper notes, punt bullet points away into the digital trashcan, and crumple up sticky notes with your ink-stained hands—however you mark it, progress feels good.

Why not use that drive as your motivating force? Small victories along the way dramatically help our own hero’s quest of battling those daunting revisions.



Michael Sahno

author. Editor. Publisher


Helga Schier

Editing – Translating – Writing

By Helga Schier — With Pen And Paper

Publishing has never been more competitive, yet there have never been more opportunities for writers to publish their work. As fewer traditional publishers pick up ever fewer writers, more and more writers opt to self-publish. Because one thing is still true: a good book will find its readers. No matter whether you are hoping to find an agent and a publisher or are planning to publish yourself, you will need a good book to be successful. And that’s why you hire an editor; because an editor can help you write the best manuscript you possibly can. 



Second Draft

Critique and Editing Services

Exclusively available through Writer’s Digest, 2nd Draft provides a high-level review of your writing by certified professionals.



Self Editing for Fiction

By WriteIntoPrint



Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

By Renni Browne and Dave King

Here at last is a book by two professional editors to teach writers the techniques of the editing trade that turn promising manuscripts into published novels and short stories.



Self-Editing Processes for Writers

When Is My Novel Ready to Read

By Kris Spisak — Writer’s Digest

Kris Spisak ties together her seven processes for self-editing novels, including editorial road-mapping, character differentiation analysis, reverse editing, and more.


Self-Editing Tips and Tricks

By BookBoro

Now that you’re ready to review your work, you’ll need to switch your mindset from that of a writer and prepare to embark on the self-editing journey.



Stratford Editing Services



TT Editing

proofing and coopyediting

Proofreading and editing is the final touch on your work that gives it that polished finish. It’s what makes your work look professional and helps to ensure the voice of your content is as clear and concise as possible. The last thing you want is for publishers and readers to focus on a typo rather than the content of your excellent work!


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