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Book Promotions


6 Effective Steps to Promote Your Book

By Aileen Weintraub — Writer’s Digest

Social media is a daunting albeit important aspect of promoting our work. Here, author Aileen Weintraub offers six steps to promote your book on social media authentically.



7 Day Authors Guide to Amazon Ads

By Matthew J. Holmes

This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to planning, building and launching Amazon Ads to help you sell more books and grow your readership.  FREE KINDLE EDITION!



7 Figure Fiction

How to use universal fantasy to sell your books to anyone

By T. Taylor

There are only, in my humble opinion, two kinds of readers: Readers who love your books and readers who don’t know they love your books yet. But how do you reach those readers in the second category, no matter what kind of writer you are?

The answer to that question is . . . Universal Fantasy



Advertising Solutions for KDP Authors

Whether you’ve published one title or thousands, Amazon offers unique advertising solutions for the books category.



Author Marketing Experts

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Author Platform

How to build an author platform

By IngramSpark Academy — Self-Publishing



Book Boost



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Book Club Pro

FREE Book Promotions



Book Cover Design

Great content deserves the right Book Cover Designer.

Simon Avery — Book Cover Designer

People really do judge books by their covers. So if you’ve written a great novel, it pays to invest in professional book cover designer. My award winning book cover designs have worked to double sales overnight, and turn a non-seller into an Amazon chart topper within days.



Book Cover Designer

By Nancy Batra Design Studio

I provide custom book cover designs as well as marketing material for indie authors and self publishers.



Book Marketing

Overperform in a Crowded Market

By Ricardo Fayet

Writing a book is hard. Marketing it can be even harder.

Marketing a book in 2021 can seem like a full-time job, what with the crazy number of things authors seem to be expected to do: social media, blog tours, advertising, price promotions, mailing lists, giveaways, you name it. 



Book Marketing Podcast

How to Turn Readers into Superfans

By Penny Sansevieri — AME Author Marketing Experts

In this book marketing podcast episode, we talk about Superfans and Street Teams and what they can do for your longevity as an author!



Book Marketing Strategies

By DTWrites1

Book marketing strategies, tools and tips that have proven to actually help authors sell more books could increase your book sales. Whichever book marketing and book promotion tips you use, measure the results of your marketing and promotion efforts. These measurements will alert you to book ads and online and offline book promotions that aren’t gaining traction, getting a lot of page views or leading to book sales.



Book Marketing Tips

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Get your exclusive copy of Following, a book you can’t get anywhere else.



Book Marketing Tips for Authors

16 free videos

By David Gaughran

A book promotion template that anyone can follow. Learn how to create your own marketing plan to put your book into the charts.



Book Marketing Update

By Frances CaballoSocial Media Just for Writers



Book Riot

Book Recommendations


Book Trailers

We produce high impact, stunning, affordable, customized and cinematic book trailers that you can use for your marketing campaigns. The video will be your SYNOPSIS in Motion. We do not use templates. Your book trailer will be original. We use cinematic music backgrounds and customized full screen still images and animations combined. It will be a visual rendition of your blurb, designed to trigger an emotional response from the viewer.


Customized Book Covers

Your Book’s Cover is the first thing a reader sees when they browse online bookstores. You have 5 seconds to convince them to click on it and read your synopsis. With the millions of books online, make yours stand out with an EYE CATCHING and PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED cover. We can help you bring readers one step closer to purchasing your book.


Display Ads for Authors

Our experts do the heavy lifting for you

By BookBaby

If you want more readers to reach the promised land, you have to lead them there. And one of the best ways to find new readers where they can buy your book is with Display Ads for Authors.

Display Ads for Authors uses the Google Display Network to advertise your book online.



eBook Fairs

Our Fairs Help Authors Find Readers


eBook Marketing Funnel for Authors

By Clayton Noblit — Written Word

In digital marketing, the funnel is a commonly used mental framework. This framework can help you organize and optimize your marketing efforts. It breaks the customer journey into distinct steps, which makes it much easier to focus and be intentional about your marketing efforts.



Email Marketing

3 Strategies to Include in Your Email Marketing

By Derek — Oddballs Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods out there. However, a lot of strategies being used today are outdated or just plain annoying. 



Facebook Ads for Authors

By David Gaughran

Comprehensive tutorial on Facebook Ads for authors looking to scale up and sell more books.



Getting Your Books Noticed

By Patricia Bradley at the KILLZONE



How Market a Book — FREE ON KINDLE

Overperform in a Crowded Market

By Ricardo Fayet

Writing a book is hard. Marketing it can be even harder.

Marketing a book in 2022 can seem like a full-time job, what with the crazy number of things authors seem to be expected to do: social media, blog tours, advertising, price promotions, mailing lists, giveaways, you name it.



How to Promote a Book in 2021

By Penny Sansevieri



How to Sell Books

the nine step book launch formula

By JD Brown



Is Your Author Photo Sending the Right Message?

By K.M. Weiland

Like it or not, your author’s photo will influence readers’ opinions of both you as a person and you as an author.



Jumpstart Author Ads

FREE Video Training

By Matthew J. Holmes

Build and launch your first profitable Facebook AdsAmazon Ads and BookBub Ads to help you sell more books and grow your readership.



Kindle Deals and Prime Reading

Here you can nominate two eligible titles at a time for Kindle Deals and one eligible title at a time for Prime Reading.



Marketing Almanac

FREE Marketing Tools

By JM Internet Group



Marketing Basics

FREE Nick Stephenson Video

By Nick Stephenson — ProWritingAidTV



Marketing Without Social Media

By Carol J. Michel

“I gave up social media in July 2020.”




We help books succeed


Podcast Marketing

Concrete strategies to grow your podcast audience

By Refer-O-Matic



The Prolific Reader

Hundreds of books, all FREE to download!


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Promote Your Series

By Ricci Wolman — Written Word Media

Writing into a series is a proven way to build an audience and increase sales. This FREE post digs into why a series is so effective, and how authors should promote their series to maximize their potential.



The Real Book Spy

Full coverage of all your favorite thriller authors, and their characters, unlike anywhere else on the web! 


Sell Books Online

You need more web traffic

By Derek Haines

You need to get people to notice your ebook.



Selling Books by the Truckload

On Amazon

How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon - Updated 2021 Edition: 2021 Amazon Ads Powerhouse Edition by [Penny C.  Sansevieri]

By Penny C. Sansevieri



Selling Your Book

By Stef Mcdaid — WriteIntoPrint



Selling Your Books!

How to Sell More Books When You’re Terrified of Selling

By Kristen Lamb

Many writers spent decades longing to sign with legacy publishers for the sole reason that they believed a major publisher would tend to all that vulgar sales business for them so they could simply write and create!

It’s cool. I once thought the same.



Virtual Author Assistant

Providing authors with support and encouragement

By Linda Dunn

My mission is to provide the best possible options for you and your book through streamlining your author platform and strengthening your author brand.

I offer a range of author services. This allows my authors to focus on what they do best – write.

Author Services
  • Author branding
  • Author platform development
  • Email marketing management (campaigns, etc.)
  • Organization
  • Newsletters, one-sheet, flyers, etc.
  • Research
  • Book launch preparation
  • Book events
  • Podcast guest placement
  • Blog management
  • YouTube, etc.,  channel management
  • Web design 
  • and more…


Webinar Secrets

Five Secrets for Developing a Successful Webinar Series

By Jane Healey — Career Authors

When the pandemic hit and all of my in-person events were cancelled, I decided to pivot to online webinars, making them open to anyone in the world who wanted to attend.



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