Book of the Month–The Program by Stephen White

Jim Crocker here (aka Adam James). I am the moderator of the 2014 December GoodReads Book of the Month (BOTM) group read in the Psychological Thrillers category. The book we are reading is The Program by Stephen White. Here’s the link to the discussion on the GoodReads site:

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THE PROGRAM BOOK COVERWhen I first read The Program back in 2008 when it was released, I was struck by the unlikely association between an ex-prosecutor and an ex-hitman. Both are on the lam from their previous lives, which of course won’t let go of them. Yunno, dead hand of history and all that. What transpires in this story serves to highlight the meaning and purpose of justice and security in our everyday lives. Rather, I should say when those everyday lives go horribly wrong. When everything’s groovy , justice and security are rarely questioned or discussed. Then some tragedy unfolds and fate takes a mighty dump all over you and, oh man, you’re in for it now. Right? Otherwise, shit just seems to happen to somebody else and we’re just a couple of happy campers skating our way through life. Somehow we find the strength and courage to avert our gaze and blow off all this misery and grief . I call it living in Denial, which is just down the road from Absentia. You know that place. That’s where all the criminals we can’t catch are tried and convicted. Yunno. Just to keep our record clean and tidy. Eh?